In-Service Training & Development

This section has information on in-service training & development for Christian workers. This includes courses and training available around the world, online and through distance learning programmes.

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  • Redcliffe College

    Redcliffe provides flexible specialised cross-cultural training covering biblical, theological and mission studies. Our vision is to train, equip and empower people to fully engage in God's mission in the world.
    Tel: 01452 308097
  • Refresh for Mission, All Nations Christian College, Ware, Hertfordshire

    The Challenge to 'stay' in mission is a battle that many face. 'Refresh for Mission' provides input, insight and support to many who are looking for some space and time to review, recharge and 'refresh' for future mission service. Event usually held in July.

    Tel: 01920 443500

    Aclaim offer courses and seminars in Biblically based Christian business practices for Church personnel and Christian organisations in Africa. Based in Kampala, Uganda.
  • African Bible Colleges

    African Bible Colleges will train Christian leaders and provide on-line educational opportunities to National Africans who want to obtain a Christian education, but who cannot leave their home country nor afford the high cost of tuition outside Africa.
  • Allbelievers

    Allbelievers provide an online course entitled 'Mission: tradition confronts the future'. This eLearning course will help you to look at 21st Century culture and to consider how best to communicate the Gospel to others who know little of Christianity, its language or its foundations. It is based on the remarkable book Christianity Rediscovered, Vincent Donovan's story of mission to the Maasai people of Tanzania. His experiences led him to reconsider radically how we nurture faith in others, starting from where they are rather than from where we are or where we would like them to be.

  • Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS), Beirut, Lebanon

    ABTS' Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) offer excellent education to all those who wish to either minister to Arabs/Muslims locally or in the Middle East/ North African region or want to intensify their studies in this area.
  • Asia Gateway, Malaysia

    Asia Gateway provide intercultural training for workers and leaders, an intensive programme laying down a firm foundation in intercultural learning for mission, combining practical experience with theological reflection.

  • Baja Bible School, Tijuana, Mexico

    Baja Bible School is a one-year program located in Tijuana, Mexico designed for Christians over 18 who desire to study God's word, serve others, and learn from living in a cross-cultural setting. Students study the Bible, missions, and cross-cultural ministry. Staff and students live in a close-knit community on campus and have opportunities to develop relationship with fellow students as well as with Mexican families as they engage in volunteering in the community and in local churches. Volunteer opportunities are tailored to individuals' interests. There are a wide variety of opportunities - from home-building to ESL teaching.

  • Baker's Guide to Christian Distance Education

    This US based site is a free online guide to Christian distance learning opportunities. It's purpose is to:

    • Educate consumers about accredited Christian distance learning programs
    • Assist prospective students to find an appropriate Christian distance education program
    • Examine pedagogical, philosophical, theological, and other issues related to distance education
    • Serve as a central repository for information related to Christian distance education
  • BTC Southern Africa

    BTC Southern Africa offers undergraduate degree level missions courses via email. The courses cover Biblical basis, mobilizing the Church, strategic planning, crossing cultures, history, study of religions and more.
    Tel: +27 (0)11 886 0421
  • Christian Mindfulness

    Christian Mindfulness offer two highly recommended online courses that can be of benefit in personal and spiritual development especially in the areas of mental health and recovery from stress, burnout, anxiety and/or depression.
  • Christian Training

    Tel: 0116 259 9325
  • Colorado Theological Seminary

    Colorado Theological Seminary is a non-denominational institute of higher learning offering affordable accredited Christian degree programs worldwide by distance learning.

  • Conexiones entre Mundos, Cochabamba, Bolivia

    If you wish to be a part of the Hispanic culture and you need a serious and responsible program that will guide you in the process of cultural adaptation and language learning, Conexiones entre Mundos is the ideal place for you to reach your goals.

    Tel: ++ 591 4 4036400 (BOLIVIA)
  • CORAT Africa, KENYA

    Pan-African management courses for churches and church related organisations.

  • DCI Global Partnership

    Supporting people in mission on five continents since 1985 with prayer, world news, free diploma-level Schools of Mission and Support Raising, Business for Mission and Banking for the Poor projects etc.
    Tel: n/a
  • Dental Care for All

    We train both lay persons and dental professionals to treat tooth decay via online and workshops.
  • Ellel Ministries

    Ellel Ministries is now established in over 20 countries around the world. We look to serve the Body of Christ in two main ways - by offering personal prayer ministry to those in need and by training and equipping people.
    Tel: 01524 751651
  • Evangelical Training Directory

    The Evangelical Training Directory aims to present the training of all evangelical Bible Colleges and worldwide. It is endorsed by the World Evangelical Alliance.
    Tel: +44193583562
  • Fuller Theological Seminary

    Fuller offer an Individualised Distance Learning (IDL) programme which incorporates the use of media-assisted courses offered through the School of Intercultural Studies and the School of Theology. Taught by our own world-renowned faculty, each course is delivered to you complete with textbooks and/or syllabus, audio lecture tapes, a videotaped introduction, and a Course Study Guide with instructions for the submission of your assignments for evaluation and grading.
    The new Fuller Online facility offers fully accredited, master's-level ten-week courses, taught by distinguished Fuller faculty over the World Wide Web! You may pursue a subject that interests you, or sample seminary education, or study toward your graduate degree! You may even complete a Certificate of Christian Studies entirely online!

  • FutureLearn

    FutureLearn offer a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life.

  • Global Christians

    GlobalChristians is a website of courses and resources dedicated to empowering churches and "mustard-seed ministries" especially in the developing world. The topics we cover include everything from basic Christian discipleship, to prayer, spiritual warfare, guidance, healing, Christian sexuality, church growth, evangelism and missions.

  • Grow2serve

    As disciples of Jesus we are called to continually grow, learn, serve, and be fruitful in ways that bring glory to God. Grow2Serve exists to help people fulfill this calling through learning, we’re passionate about helping that calling be a reality.
    Tel: +1 (470) 236-3885
  • ICCM Europe, Germany

    If you use technology in a mission or church context then ICCM is for you. It's a collaborative conference where experiences are shared and alliances built to maximise the impact of technology in bringing hope to the nations.

  • International School of Ministry

    The world's largest video Bible school with more than 17,000 training sites in 145 nations.

  • International Training Partners

    International Training Partners is a US based organisation which provides practical, interactive, biblical training for missionaries and Christians from other countries. They equip these people to relate effectively with family, co-workers, other missionaries, and in cross-cultural contexts. The main topic of these workshops is 'Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills' (SYIS), but facilitator training workshops are also offered. Workshops run all over the world.

  • Kingdom Expansion 101

    An innovative, six session, online introduction to local and global outreach. The course assignments can be completed anytime, day or night. This course is a high-quality, facilitated, online basic missions course that can be taken anywhere in the world. The curriculum provides a biblical and strategic framework to assist both churches and individuals in making informed decisions about their local and global outreach involvement.

  • Leadership Matters Course

    The Leadership Matters Course is a two-week intensive course, focused on developing basic leadership skills for Christian workers in diverse cultures around the world.
  • Learn Direct

    This site enables you to search for courses on just about any subject, some of which are conducted either by correspondence or via the Internet.

  • London School of Theology

    LONDON SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY (LST) is an evangelical academic learning community called to equip and encourage one another to be disciples of Jesus Christ.
    Tel: 01923 456000
  • Mission Media U

    Mobiles in Mission: Using the Tool in Everyone's Pocket is a five-week course that will increase your ministry's effectiveness by engaging the lost through their mobile device. Each participant will learn to assess the media situation of their target audience, identify opportunities for using their mobile device and implement an appropriate media outreach.

  • Missionary Training Service

    MTS provide training courses and materials for preparing missionaries and tentmakers.
    Tel: 01935 83562
  • Moorlands College

    Moorlands specialises in the transformation and equipping of people, passionate about Jesus, to impact the church and the world. All our degree courses are validated by the University of Gloucestershire.
    Tel: 01425 674500
  • Multipliers

    Become equipped to answer the question: "What actually needs to be done for ALL of this people group or city to have access to the Gospel and have multiple Church Planting Movements among them?" Interact with case studies presented, develop plans and run with your vision to reach the lost.

  • N Davey

    I am a former TV Director and mission agency Video Manager. I now make videos for mission agencies, churches and charities.
    Tel: 07752 243046
  • Operation Mobilisation 'Face to Face' Course

    Face to face is a 16-day personal development course following the Lord’s invitation to “come aside with me to a quiet place”. It is for Christian workers who have been involved in mission work or other Christian ministry for at least 2 years, and who want to develop their relationship with God and grow in self-understanding.

  • Operation Mobilisation 'Member Care Courses'

    These courses are aimed at training leaders and those involved in Pastoral / Member Care and in Personnel, in the theory and practice of Member care within a rapidly changing global missions context. The Member Care course uses a combination of formal and experiential training methods, including didactic teaching, seminars, case studies, role play, personal study. Email for next course.

    Tel: 01228 615120
  • Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

    OCMS is a key graduate research centre that empowers churches in the global South through training their leaders. Our combination of close student support and flexible residency allows scholars to combine study with ongoing ministry.
    Tel: 01865 556071
  • Portantorchas, Costa Rica

    Portantorchas is a Bible School and Ministry Center, part of Torchbearers of the Capernwray Missionary Fellowship, established by Major W. Ian Thomas in England in 1947. Portantorchas was founded in 1991 in the sub- urbs of San Jose, Costa Rica. We have a heart to disciple believers to know and experience the reality of Christ's life in them, through: . Intensive Bible study at our one-year Bible School program . Living in Christian community . Ministry outreach both locally and short- term mission trips. Learning Spanish is part of the course.

  • Preachers' Help

    Our aim is to help preachers and pastors who've had little or no training, and have no money to improve themselves.
    Tel: 01707 894745
  • Scottish School of Christian Mission

    We provide theological insight with practice in the field.
    Our courses include youth and community work, urban ministry, pioneer ministry and church leadership.
    Tel: 0141 552 4040
  • St. John's College, Nottingham

    St. John's offer some distance learning courses through their extension studies programme including one entitled 'Cross Cultural Christian' - particularly geared towards those going to work or live as a Christian in another culture. They also run a Counselling Skills for Pastoral Care course which includes two short residential periods.

  • Sustainable Resilience Online Course

    Sustainable Resilience is a one-week online course designed to give you tools to understand and grow in resilience and to keep your life and ministry true to your calling. Beginning April 2019, this course will become a two-week course that takes place over 15 days and requires a learning time investment of 8-12 hours.

  • The Online Bible College

    An online Bible study program, using a dynamic, street-practical approach to ministry training, all from the convenience of your own home.

  • Union School of Theology

    Union is an innovative new Christian ministry enabling healthy church growth through investing in leaders. Our vision is to grow leaders for growing churches, to see churches flourish in the gospel and drive forward in mission.
    Tel: 0330 123 4446
  • Vision Internet Bible College

    The Internet Bible College offers the most flexible, affordable and legitimate Bible Study options on or off the Internet. Now you can study and earn your ministry degree without leaving your home, or your job, your family or your church, earn internationally recognised awards where you are without the cost of going overseas.

    Tel: ++61 2 9603 2077 (AUSTRALIA)
  • World Wide Learn

    At this site you'll find hundreds of online courses and learning resources in over 40 subject areas offered by educational institutions, companies and individuals from all over the world.

  • Youth With a Mission's Global Training, Perth, AUSTRALIA

    The Institute for the Nations - Australia is a part of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) International. The Institute for the Nations - Australia is a registered training organisation offering accredited and non-accredited training and learning experiences in and from Australia. Institute for the Nations is affiliated with YWAM's international network of tertiary level education/training known as the University of the Nations. The University of the Nations is not registered/accredited as a university in Australia.

    Tel: ++ 61 8 9328 5321 (AUSTRALIA)