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    OSCAR empowers and connects Christians for mission and ministry. We do this by promoting opportunities, organisations, resources, events and networking.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
  • Askamissionary.com

    Read advice and responses from real missionaries about real-life issues and challenges in their lives, including support raising.
  • Catalyst Ministries

    Catalyst Ministries seeks to empower believers and churches to engage in the full Kingdom scope of the Great Commission (places, peoples, and life spheres). We provide coaching, training, missionary debriefing, and ministry resources. Based in West Wales
  • Options Coaching

    Options Coaching is a service provided by professional Christian coaches for Christians who are keen to: discover and explore their options in future service and work; transition from one role or position to the next; resolve issues in relation to leadership, work and service; pursue their God-given dreams and calling.
  • Sue Pratt Life Coaching and Debriefing, Herts.

    Sue Pratt is a trained life coach, and has worked with Youth With A Mission for 30 years, overseas (Liberia, West Africa and Europe) and in the UK. Sue can help missionaries returning home to process transition, settle the past, and decide on next steps.
    Tel: 07960 011830
  • Your Mission

    Your Mission: finding your place in the Great Commission.
    If you have a heart for missions we would love to connect with you.
    Tel: 07920 792939