This section has information about finding and booking flights to and/or from overseas destinations for missionaries and overseas aid workers.

Frequent flyer hints and tips

Those that fly frequently soon learn the 'tricks of the trade'. Therefore it's good to learn from them rather than find out the hard way. We have put together a collection of hints and tips submitted by frequent flyer OSCAR users about planning your journey, travelling to the airport, checking in, choosing your seat and making the most of the flight more...

Travel - Know Your Rights

If your journey is delayed or problematic and you want to know whether or not you are entitled to compensation, see

Carbon Mitigation

Travelling by air or by car means that we emit carbon dioxide (CO2) which contributes to global warming. We can reduce this impact by supporting projects which offset and reduce CO2 emissions. This is called carbon mitigation. To see how you can make your journey 'carbon neutral', see

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