Christian & Mission Suppliers

  • MissionAssist

  • Affordable Medicines for Africa

    With offices in South Africa and the USA, AMFA exists to ensure that Christian healthcare professionals have access to a comprehensive and consistent formulary of essential medicines, with timely and efficient distribution, at competitive prices.
  • Bible and Gospel Trust

    Our aim is to spread the gospel message through publishing a range of Christian literature, including free leaflets and booklets. We are a charity established in 1932, with stockists in eighteen other countries.
  • Christian Bits

    Christian books, Bibles, CDs, DVDs, church supplies, gifts and cards available to order online. UK and Worldwide delivery.
  • Christian Resources for Developing Countries

    The Charity was specifically set up to provide reformed Christian Literature at a cost which people living in developing countries can afford. The charity benefits from generous discounts which the main evangelical publishers give.
    Tel: 01892 655222
  • Cleanwater Ltd

    Cleanwater Ltd have provided water purification kits to various situations in the 9 countries in which Watchmen International are working. They also sell these water filtration kits to other Christian organisations.
    Tel: 0845 539 1012
  • Medical Aid International

    Tel: 01234 930394
  • Pastor Training International

    PTI exists to help pastors to preach the Word of God clearly and thoroughly. It does this through three separate but often interlinked activities. They are In-country Training, Distance Mentoring and Learning Resources.
  • RedTribeBeadwork

    RedTribe aims to empower marginalized Maasai women in the beautiful, remote Loita Hills in Southern Kenya.

  • Shepherd Group

    UK based Satellite Phone and Broadband Hot Spot rental from £1 per day for missionary assignments. Send free messages from our web page to any Inmarsat handset worldwide.
    Tel: +447949 400 244
  • Survive - MIVA

    Survive-MIVA provide vehicles in developing countries for Roman Catholic Missionaries directly engaged in pastoral work. Normally only for Roman Catholic Missionaries, and exceptionally others, directly engaged in development work.
    Tel: 0151 523 3878
  • TELit@OPAL

    Impacting the majority world with Christian literature.
    Tel: 01576 203670
  • Tools With A Mission

    Our mission is to collect unwanted tools, refurbish them, sort them into trade kits and send them across the world. We send around 20 containers filled with over 300 tonnes of tools every year.
    Tel: 01473 210220