Mission Membercare Services

Information on those who provide member care services or pastoral advice to mission workers. 

  • Member Care Media (MCM)

    Member Care Media (MCM) is a media ministry of TWR especially prepared for Cross-Cultural Workers around the globe whose obedience to the Great Commission has taken them to difficult places. It is our goal to encourage, enhance and enable these workers in their places of calling so that they will stay effective and fulfilled.

  • Syzygy

    Syzygy exists to support mission partners. Our mission is to maximise the effectiveness of mission partners and prevent their premature departure from the their place of service.
    Tel: 07916 708538
  • Thrive Worldwide

    We are committed to serving by providing clinical, learning and consultancy services so that people and organisations thrive worldwide.
  • Across the Bridge

    Across the Bridge supports overseas mission teams in reaching out to people of other faiths through providing on field pastoral support, prayer teams and prophetic ministry. Also debriefing in UK. In London, ATB works with the www.mahabbanetwork.com
  • Arrest

    Drs D Hawker (clinical psychologists in Nottingham, UK) offer Assessments, Retreats, Reviews, Education, Supervision, Therapy (for adults and children).
    Tel: 0115 9727169
  • Barnabas International

    A US based organization with a well established reputation of providing encouragement, care and personal development for Christian leaders and missionaries worldwide.
  • Bob and Nancy Scott, Northern California, USA

    Debriefing, Training, and Rest for Missionaries and Pastors in the Mountains of Northern California. We provide international personnel with spiritual encouragement, emotional support, and training on interpersonal skills, spiritual growth, and team building. We desire to assist and strengthen international personnel so that they can be most effective in their personal calling: living in intimacy with God, reflecting the Father's heart and will in the communities they serve, and enduring and prospering there spiritually and emotionally for the long term. Experienced member care providers with counseling and life coaching backgrounds, we provide customized 1 week stays in our mountain home for couples or individuals on furlough, returning from the field, or processing trauma or transition through debriefing, coaching, intentional conversation, and training on personal and relational skills development.

  • Brook Besor Trust

    Brook Besor offers residential debriefing, counselling and spiritual direction for individuals, couples and families for up to five days, excellent to start or preparation to return from furlough or when returning to the UK.
    Tel: 01202 483737
  • Catalyst Ministries

    Catalyst Ministries seeks to empower believers and churches to engage in the full Kingdom scope of the Great Commission (places, peoples, and life spheres). We provide coaching, training, missionary debriefing, and ministry resources.
  • Colin and Ann Bulley

    Colin and Ann Bulley, former staff members of Redcliffe Mission Training Centre, are trained and experienced in supporting cross cultural mission workers and offer debriefing by phone, skype or face to face, free of charge. Colin is also trained as a spiritual director. Accommodation in their home in Goodwick, near Fishguard, on the west coast of Wales and 600 meters from the sea, is available for those who would like a short break.

    Tel: 01348 492050
  • CTBI Christians Abroad

    Opportunities for self funded volunteering in Christian supported community projects internationally. Travel Insurance, Long Term Health Insurance for short term volunteers and longer term appointments in mission and development respectively.
    Tel: 0300 012 1201
  • Epiphany Life Coaching

    Jenny Butter does Skype or telephone coaching with mission partners, clergy and aid workers worldwide. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy. Life coaching starts from the present and takes you into the future.
  • Ergata: Space and Grace

    Mark and Judith Woolley (WEC International) host an informal, supportive place of "space and grace" where workers in mission from all backgrounds can rest, retreat or recover affordably in the face of fatigue, transition or unforeseen circumstances.
    Tel: 01524 241832
  • Global Member Care Network

    The Global Member Care Network (GMCN) exists to resource, equip and connect internationally all Christian practitioners of member care at any level. It is a professional community in which mutual learning, training and sharing can take place. It is committed to developing the member care profession by setting high standards, advancing the kingdom of God and glorifying His name.

  • Godspeed Resources Connection

    GRC is a faith-based organization offering help to intercultural workers who are hampered by emotional, situational, or physical stresses. The goal of GRC is to address these stressors, so that workers are enabled to fulfill their calling. Through our office in Columbia, SC we offer help in finding housing; referrals to professionals; fellowship groups; re-entry retreats for TCKs; debriefing; and respite care (nearby). We have counselors on staff in Columbia, SC and Namibia. Referrals are available for those in other parts of the U.S. or around the world.

  • Healthlink360

    HealthLink360 is a specialist health charity concerned with medical, psychological and spiritual support for those in mission, development work and ministry, whether 'at home' or overseas.
    Tel: 0131 653 6767
  • Hong Kong - Bethany

    Bethany is a member care organisation for Christians and their families serving the Lord. Committed to providing rest, encouragement and restoration through appropriate physical, emotional, spiritual and counselling care.

    Tel: ++ 852 2981 7114 (HONG KONG)
  • Hope Consultants International

    Tel: 01494 358200
  • Kenya - Mwamba Christian Conservation Centre, Watamu

    Set aside time to seek Him, to find rest and to worship in our beautiful beachfront centre on the Indian Ocean. Accommodating up to 16 people you can also get involved in the workings of our Christian Conservation Charity - preserving creation!

    Tel: 0202335865
  • Le Rucher Ministries

    Le Rucher Ministries offers various Member Care services, including Debriefing (group retreats and individual) and training in Basic Debriefing and Crisis & Trauma Peer Response for member care providers, both at their centre in France and on the field.

    Tel: ++33 450.28.03.81 (FRANCE)
  • Living Well Centre, Cambodia

    The living well centre, opened in February 2014, seeks to provide a wide range of member care services for the expatriate community serving in Cambodia.
    Tel: +855 92 677 021
  • Making Disciples International

    Discipleship training and the care and encouragement of missionaries. Debriefing of missionaries. Online DISC service: Sharpening Your People Skills.
    Tel: 01903 503299
  • Missionary Care: Missions and Mental Health

    These web pages are put together by Ron and Bonnie Koteskey. Having completed a career in teaching at Asbury College in the U.S., Dr. Ron Koteskey is a Member Care Consultant for New Hope International Ministries. Through New Hope, Ron and his wife, Bonnie, offer on-field help to independent missionaries, to missionaries whose agencies have no one designated for missionary care, and to missionaries who would prefer talking with someone outside their agencies. Their website also has many good materials for missionaries about pastoral issues including several ebooks that you can download.

  • MTW Europe Member Care

    Links to Member Care resources.

  • Narramore Christian Foundation

    NCF is a US based non-profit Christian organization serving people throughout the world. It is dedicated to the prevention and solution of human problems through literature, radio, the world-wide web, training seminars and counseling. The Foundation sends Christian psychologists overseas to conduct seminars and provide intensive short-term counseling for missionaries who have recently undergone a severe crisis or trauma.

  • Nephesh Care

    Ernst & Lisbeth Hunziker offer various membercare services to missionaries and mission agencies. They are both trained counsellors and can offer pastoral care, marriage counselling, debriefing, on-line counselling, coaching, mentoring, mediation and help in re-entry.

  • One Another Ministries

    Providing professional training, consulting, counseling, and resourcing for the development and care of Christian Mission organizations and their members.
    Tel: 01543 878656
  • Penhurst Retreat Centre

    A small Retreat Centre with a BIG heart for mission and member care offering a warm welcome and many home comforts. We offer debriefing throughout the year, personal retreats and a variety of led retreats and workshops specifically for folk in mission.
    Tel: 01424 892088
  • Pippa Rossiter, Christian Coaching

    Pippa is a qualified Christian professional life/leadership coach, and offers support to anyone facing complexity such as grief or transition. She is a former head teacher and often coaches in education settings and churches.
  • Refresh International

    Refresh International offers debriefing for missionaries, aid workers, people in ministry and other cross-cultural workers. See our website for more information.
  • RESAM, France

    RESAM (Réseau de Soutien au Ministère = Ministry Support Network) is a relatively new initiative developed by the Swiss and French Evangelical Alliance. It is for workers serving in French-speaking Europe. Its purpose is to help missionaries and pastors access a variety of providers and resources such as retreat houses, centres for debriefing, counsellors, mediators, organisational consultants, etc.

  • Rev Dr Colin Lamb Counselling

    Colin has many years of experience in mission and missionary training with NTM and also as a Pastor. He offers counselling, supervision, and Member care of Pastors and Missionaries. He also offers a Diploma in Effective Biblical Counselling Course.
    Tel: 01472 827242
  • Sue Pratt Life Coaching and Debriefing

    Sue Pratt is a trained life coach, and has worked with Youth With A Mission for 30 years, overseas (Liberia, West Africa and Europe) and in the UK. Sue can help missionaries returning home to process transition, settle the past, and decide on next steps,
    Tel: 07960 011830
  • Thailand - The Juniper Tree

    Since 1977, The Juniper Tree has been offering rest and refreshment for Christian workers in Asia, working in situations outside of their own culture.
    Tel: +66 (0)53 140914
  • The Well, Thailand

    The Well is a Christian Member Care Center which promotes the well-being and effectiveness of Christian workers and organizations, as well as other Member Care providers in Chiang Mai and Asia. The Well's services include debriefing, counseling and pastoral care, leadership and organizational consultation, conflict resolution, and teambuilding. The Well also offers seminars and workshops related to these topics.

  • Tumaini Counselling Centre, Kenya

    The on-field counselling ministries of AIM, SIL, and affiliated organizations are based at Tumaini Counselling Center in Nairobi, Kenya. While we serve the members of these organizations, our services also support missionaries from over 160 like-minded agencies throughout Africa.

  • Walking In Their Shoes International (WITS)

    Our commitment is to provide care as a service to international Christian workers wherever they are in the world. This service is provided free to agencies and/or individuals and families. There are no charges for travel, services, or on-site expenses.
    Tel: + 1 616 844 3360 (USA)
  • WattsYourPathway

    WattsYourPathway uses debriefing and coaching to provide understanding and accompaniment to repatriates during their re-entry transition, enabling growth and confidence in themselves and what they have to offer.