International Phone Cards & Accounts


    Dial-Abroad is a US based site that helps students, missionaries and other expatriates living abroad compare international long distance options side-by-side. Each section has suggestions and recommendations to help you find the best way to stay in touch with the people at home.

  • Enjoy Prepaid

    US based low-cost, high-quality prepaid and postpaid long-distance telephone services that fit your needs. Available when calling from anywhere, to anywhere.

  • Time Dial

    Time Dial provides phone card, voip or roaming sim cards comparison tools with total cost calculations (all fees and rates).
    Website: (Phone Cards)
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    Website: (Roaming SIM cards)

  • Telecommunications

    This callback company promises international dialers from outside the USA calling into the USA that they can call a number locally which will then initiate a USA call from the company's computer which will then allow the caller to connect to a USA dialtone.