Below are links to radio stations throughout the world. For those that are available through the Internet, you may need to use Windows Media Player or download RealAudio.

  • BBC World Service Radio

    This site has all the information you need about BBC world service radio including schedules and frequencies for different areas of the world.

  • Christian Radio

    This site is all about Christian Radio and lists the different stations that broadcast over the airwaves and, increasingly, over the Internet. The site is mostly USA orientated but there is a large section for Christian radio stations outside the USA.

  • Christian Tuner

    A collection of live Christian radio and Christian TV stations, programs, on demand, MP3 music download, and podcasting links on the internet.

  • Good News Broadcasting Association

    GNB is a producer of bible focused radio programmes, which are broadcast throughout the UK and worldwide. We have links with similar production ministries around the world which produce their own unique radio programmes each week.
    Tel: 01777 817138
  • Lancashire's Lighthouse Radio

    Lancashire's Lighthouse Radio: A global beacon of positive messages for all the family through music, verse and experience.
  • Live

    A comprehensive list of worldwide radio stations who broadcast over the Internet. There is a Christian section, too.

  • New Life Radio Exeter

    ONLINE world wide - for good news, good music and good biblical teaching.

  • Premier Christian Radio

    Leading UK Christian radio.
  • Radio Locator

    Claims to be the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet.

  • Transmitter Documentation Project

    This site contains links and information on shortwave radio stations around the world.

  • United Christian Broadcasters

    UCB is a Christian media ministry within the UK and Ireland formed to promote the good news of the Kingdom of God.
    Tel: 01782 911000