Home Education Resources (Christian)

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I doubt if we would have considered home education if we had remained in the UK. When we moved to Cyprus towards the end of 1997, our sons were 11 and 9 and had been attending an excellent CofE primary school in the UK. They asked to learn at home...
  • Christian Education Europe

    CEE provides Accelerated Christian Education materials and services to schools and home schools in the United Kingdom and Europe. 
  • Deut 6v7

    Originally sponsored by the Home Service, Deut6v7 is a mailing list for Christian home-schoolers in the UK.

  • Global TCK Care & Education

    Global TCK Care & Education (formerly iCHED) provides materials for families and teachers of students who are studying outside their home country. Originally developed for workers with SIL International, many of our resources are available to other organizations as well.

  • Home Education in the UK

    Resources, advice, and general help for anyone interested in home education, in the UK or elsewhere. Particular emphasis on introducing informal maths.

  • SHARE Education Services

    SHARE Education Services helps expatriate families living in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia with their children's education needs.

  • Theocentric Christian Education

    TCE provide a guided system of God-centred home and private education for children.