29 May 2020, 7:30pm
Online (Zoom)
Admission: Free (Booking Required)
Duration: Under 3 hours
Type: Training, Enquirer, Networking

Why Mission? Q&A panel

Take part in a discussion on the topic of 'Why Mission?'
We will have live panel of experienced missionaries to answer your questions.
Ask us what motivates missionaries nowadays?

Contribute your questions:

  • Is mission relevant in a multicultural world?
  • Why is it urgent when there are so many other pressing needs?

 Adam Lowe, head of Mobilising in UK & Ireland, will be your host, introducing the panel and firing your questions.

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Contact WEC for details of the Zoom meeting and how to take part. Send your questions to us ahead of the evening.

No cost, you are our guests, just bring your own coffee or hot chocolate!

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For more information:
Phone: 07884472313

Run by WEC International

Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins & peace with God, to displace hatred with love. WEC International takes that news in peace to the peoples of the nations who have yet to hear it. WEC UK is a faith-based fellowship. Join us in this faith venture.
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