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Location: Senegal / Western Asia (Middle East)
Finance: Personal Support, Voluntary
Duration: Over 12 months
Activity: Children & Youth, Education & Training
Posted: 28 Jul 2020
Closes: Open-ended

Primary or Elementary Teachers

WEC International


Bourofaye Christian School provides a safe, inspiring, Christian environment for children of missionaries, enabling their parents to fulfil their calling. The school is looking for primary teachers for the next academic year. Could this be you? You will haveĀ  opportunities to teach or assist older classes and get involved in the life of this residential school.

Commitment 1-2 years. This position is non-salaried, as all WEC personnel look to God to provide their personal needs. WEC ref: 8253

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Could you help shape the future of a small group of children? Come and join the community at this hospital, and provide for the educational needs for the children of expatriate workers in this Arabic-speaking country. The small two-classroom schoolhouse is located in the hospital grounds. The total number of students in all grades is about 10. Typically, two teachers share the duties of teaching the children, each one responsible for teaching three to four different grade levels.

Commitment 1-2 years. This position is non-salaried as all WEC personnel look to God to provide their personal needs. WEC ref: 5277

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Please mention OSCAR when responding.

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