12 Step Support Strategy

by Bill Dillon
Posted on 1st November 2005

Raising support should never keep you from pursuing a ministry or entering the mission field.

Through my book, People Raising, I strive to replace the horror stories of "deputation" with a vision of success. Along the way, the book tackles issues such as:

- Beating the number one enemy of support raising
- Why strategy doesn't negate faith but is a means of it
- The "George Mueller" approach - not for everyone
- Is Support Raising Biblical?
- To Ask or Not to Ask

Most helpful is very practical advice on developing a 12 Step Support Strategy:

Step 1: Begin with My Home Church

Sit down with your pastor and share your vision and look for ways the church can be a part of your support.

Step 2: Determine Who I Go to for Support

A handy checklist is provided to help identify your network of people.

Step 3: Record and Catalog Prospects

It is very wise to identify those who you consider to be high, medium and low priority and develop appropriate strategies.

Step 4: Mail the First Prayer Letter

Advice is given on how to maximize this initial mailing.

Step 5: Make Appointments

Pointers are provided on how to set up appointments and how to handle objections.

Step 6: Conduct the Visit

What do you say? What questions might your prospects ask? How much should I ask for? All of this is carefully addressed.

Step 7: Track Support

Effective on going support needs to be tracked. Check out the People Raising tracking program http://peopleraising.com/fundraising-tools/

Step 8: Say "Thank You"

At People Raising we have this to say about thanking people...

Say thank you
Say thank you immediately
Say thank you immediately in writing

Step 9: Conduct a Letter/Phone Strategy

For those who you will not be able to sit down with you can send a letter followed by a phone call. This 2-step approach is far better than simply a letter.

Step 10: Expand My Contacts

When you run out of contacts you need advocates who can help expand your contacts. People Raising addresses this critical issue.

Step 11: Cultivate Support

Our goal in People Raising is not only to help get support but keep support. The key is ongoing cultivation.

Step 12: Resolicit for Support

Supporters need to be challenged to give even more as God provides them more resources.

In Conclusion

It is possible to take the dread out of support raising. You and I are privileged to share with others the ministry the Lord has called us to.

Bill Dillon is the author of the book 'People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support'. This book is a practical guide to help you get beyond generating a donor list to building a ministry team and, like a manual, provides a nuts-and-bolts guide to raising support. For further information on People Raising visit www.peopleraising.com

Beyond the book People Raising is a 6-hour training program available in DVD, video, CD and MP3 that incorporates role-playing and allows you to see first hand how to ask for needed funds. For more information check out