Getting All HET Up

by Tim Mercer
Posted on 1st May 2018
What is Hostile Environment Training (HET) and when and why might you need it? That's the question posed and answered by our guest author this month, Tim Mercer. Monday dawned and that work problem James hadn't been able to resolve on Friday remained fixed in his mind. The weather was irritably...

How to do Church Partnerships without Buying Friends

by Jim Harries
Posted on 1st April 2018
How do we build partnerships with people in developing countries without creating dependency? Jim Harries, missionary in Africa, helps us understand ... If I said that ‘all problems are self-inflicted’ … many would think that is only partly true. Yet, in another sense; say a couple decides to have a baby, well, then...

Carbon Offsetting

by Caroline Pomeroy
Posted on 1st March 2018
As I drove with my family through a remote valley in south-western Uganda ten years ago, we turned a corner and entered a vast landscape of devastation - thousands of hectares of hillside stripped bare of indigenous forest and replanted with sterile rows of eucalyptus and conifers. In the distance...

Stress Management

by Thrive Worldwide
Posted on 1st February 2018
"I was a week into my placement when the Accounts Officer quit, the Country Director was on leave, my Programme Manager was swamped with taking on the CD's tasks, and I was asked to complete a household nutritional survey with over 100 respondents by the end of the week, with...

A New Start

by Fiona Mearns
Posted on 1st January 2018
A new year - a new start. New Year's Resolutions are all very well but they tend not to last. However, we worship a God of new starts and of fresh beginnings so now might be the time to apply some fresh thinking to your ministry at the start of...

Supporting Missionaries at Christmas

by Mike Frith
Posted on 1st December 2017
Christmas is an important time of year for all of us, for spiritual and social reasons. For missionaries or gap year workers it can be a difficult time due to their locations and distance from 'home'. Here are seven suggestions for you if you would like to help them. 1....

Mission Is ...

by Church Mission Society
Posted on 21st November 2017
A survey carried out by Church Mission Society to uncover the nation's attitude to mission has found that nine out of ten Christians say they believe "everyone is called to mission" and the job of spreading God's message should not be left to 'professional' Christians like vicars and full time...

We Have Stopped Supporting Your Ministry

by Rollin Grams
Posted on 1st October 2017
1 December, AD 51 Dear Paul, Silas, and Timothy, Greetings from Antioch. We trust you are well and that your ministry in Corinth is also continuing well. Our mission committee met last week to discuss your work, and we have decided to discontinue the annual support that we have been sending for...

The Yawning Gap

by Graham Nicholls
Posted on 1st September 2017
Sending missionaries abroad is boring. It belongs to a bygone pioneering age. It's part of cultural imperialism. It's no longer necessary. It's not a priority. No-one would really say it, but I would suggest that, on the face of it, many churches are not excited about world mission. The level of...

Online Evangelism

by Matt Rich
Posted on 1st August 2017
Have you ever thought about putting on a T-shirt with the words "Talk to me I'm a Christian" and then sitting on a seat in a busy shopping centre, with an empty chair beside you... what do you think would happen? Do you think anyone would come? This is what...
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