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Refreshment UK


Refreshment works in four separate areas:

  • RETREAT - over the year, Refreshment organises days, residential weekends and holidays to help people take time out to meet God. These are held in the UK and overseas.
  • REJOICE - worship is a powerful part of a Christian's life. Refreshment uses their leaders to host worship nights, conferences and to produce Christ-centred heartfelt worship.
  • RESPOND - discipleship and mission are a result of encountering God and Refreshment provided opportunities and studies to aid in pursuing a life of both.
  • RESOURCE - Refreshment both produces and provides books, music and other resources to give people tools to maintain a daily walk with God.

We believe in this, there is a process that follows:

First and foremost, we believe that it is important that Christians take the chance to retreat and spend dedicated time focused on God, allowing him to speak to them. From that, there is new importance in finding time to rejoice as believers worship Jesus and truly encounter him in new ways. After encountering Jesus, Christians will respond as they discover the plans and purposes that God has for them, and move in areas of ministry. As they do that, the ability to regularly resource themselves will keep their ministries from going stale. If their ministry does go stale or the resources challenge them to renew their vision, it is time again to retreat and return to the beginning.


In 2013, Refreshment UK began a partnership with Faith India Ministries which enables people from the UK to visit and take part in international mission.

Details of opportunities can be found on this website.



  • Pioneer Mission Training Course in a Western Context

    The Refreshers Course is a twelve-month mission training course based at the Refresh Centre in Blackpool. It is an intensive course designed to encourage and equip pioneer missionaries for a Western context.

    The course is delivered with students living in community in Blackpool and will help develop the skills required to become a missionary.