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If you only want to advertise just one opportunity, email the details to and we'll put it on our website for you and send you an invoice.

If you wish to become a regular advertiser and don't already have an account with OSCAR, please just contact us and we'll get you set up with a free Bronze account. Opportunities are then invoiced at the Pay-As-You-Go rates detailed below after you submit these through your account. 

Costs for 'Pay-As-You-Go' Opportunity Listings

Nature of Listing * Cost
Salaried £60
Personal Support £40
Voluntary £20

The charges above include any VAT and are for a 3 month (90 day) listing. These apply to occasional advertisers and those on our Bronze and Silver accounts. There is a Gold account/package which includes unlimited opportunity listings. See packages for further details.

Why advertise with OSCAR?

Truly Comprehensive

Any site can claim to be comprehensive. With over 600 Christian agencies, 300 Christian service organisations and 800 churches on our system ... no other UK website comes even close.

No. 1

Recent research showed that OSCAR was the UK's most visited Christian jobs website with over 20,000 users per month viewing around 100,000 pages. Users spend, on average, 5 minutes per visit.

Email Notifications

In addition to those who browse our website, every Friday around 750 enquirers are emailed all the newly submitted online opportunities for that week (sign up here). Most of these have asked to receive it as they are actively looking for opportunities in Christian work, short-term or long-term. Many of these have signed up at one of the major Christian events where we host job boards (see exhibitions). Notification of our new jobs are also emailed monthly to around 2000 people on our general email list, many of whom are already in Christian work.

Partner Sites

We have partnerships with several other recruitment services and Christian websites to help promote these opportunities. These include a number of online job aggregate sites from time to time.

Social Media

We Tweet notifications of opportunities to our 1750 OSCAR Twitter followers and post notifications to over 1000 followers on Facebook. We also regularly sponsor selected adverts on social media (i.e. Facebook ads) for maximum exposure.

Stats & Feedback

We had over 2500 opportunities submitted to our site during 2017 from around 100 Christian organisations and churches. Many of our opportunities received over 1000 page views each during the year! We've had some great success in recruiting for many organisations. Don't just take our word for it ... see what our clients say after advertising with us.

User Friendly

Recent developments to our system mean that these opportunities are now searchable by Finance, Duration, Activity, Organisation & Location as well as using any keywords. Each listing gets its own page making them very Google friendly. The organisation's logo is included in both the search returns and your opportunity listing as standard, as are unlimited words in the description. Our whole site is fully responsive so works well on any device.

Premium as Standard

All this we do as standard, so you don't need to pay 'premium' prices for a premium quality service. Our low costs do not directly reflect the high value of what you're getting when you advertise with us compared to other job websites. OSCAR is a support ministry, so we keep our prices low to provide this as an affordable service to all who want to further the Kingdom and we desire to make it as accessible as possible to all Christian organisations and churches, large and small.


* Salaried: where there is a net payment from the organisation to the individual (i.e. no need for the individual to raise or live on personal support), even if it is insufficient to cover all the costs involved (i.e. includes those who provide an allowance).
* Personal Support: where the candidate is required to have their own personal financial support for their one-off, outgoing or ongoing costs.
* Voluntary: where the role can be undertaken without any payment or need for personal support for one-off, outgoing or ongoing costs (personal or ministry). Usually only applies to UK based roles, as overseas roles in this category normally require the individual to cover their own travel costs.

Note: Opportunities that fit into more than one of these categories will normally be charged at the lower rate i.e. part salaried/part support roles.