Encourage mission


Be an encourager

If you have the gift of encouragement, you can use this gift to support mission. Everyone need encouragement, not least those that serve in isolated and difficult situations. The following can help you with how to go about doing this:

Ways to encourage your missionary:

Remember them at Christmas and Birthdays

See our Christmas section or Email section for suggestions

Send a Care Package

Many missionaries have trouble getting hold of the little luxuries they've been use to back home (e.g. chocolate, marmite, mint sauce etc.). Sometimes receiving a care package from the UK can be a real blessing, especially at special times like Christmas and birthdays. If you would like to send one, consider a few things first:

  • Check with the missionary first about what they need/would like, and about any customs or security restrictions.
  • Chose a method of shipping (see list at OSCAR - Service zone - Logistics - Shipping - Shippers)
  • Pack your items well, using plenty of padding and a secure container (see any of the shipping agents listed here for further advice). Don't forget to include a personal note.
  • Some organisations can help you get your package to its destination:

Re-entry - helping those returning from short term mission

This booklet, produced by Global Connections, is primarily intended as an aid to anyone in a local church who is in the position of welcoming back such participants who have worked in another culture. The booklet may be downloaded as a pdf to be printed.
Website: www.globalconnections.org.uk/churches/global-mission/short-term/guidelines/re-entry
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