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This section includes any support related links or resources that do not fall into the other categories of the supporter section.

Church Mission Policies

We have collected together a number of links to various church mission policies. These provide a good point of reference if you're putting together your own church policy:

'Mobilising Mission' Talks

This entry includes various downloadable talks on the general theme of 'Mobilising Mission' (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these .pdf files):

If you have some notes from a 'mobilising mission' themed talk, why not send them to us and we will consider them for this section.

For a list of other books on this subject, see OSCAR - Service zone - Other resources - Mission books

Miscellaneous supporter resources


Avail seeks to glorify Jesus Christ by providing spiritual, emotional and practical support to mission workers in partnership with churches.
Website: www.availmission.com
Tel: 0113 234 3013

'Bringing the World to your Church'

This book by Joy Piper, published in 2001, has been written to provide ideas and information on how to encourage your church to look beyond its own needs to those of the wider world. It can help you organise special events, introduce children to the adventure of world mission, stimulate prayer and support for missionaries amongst other activities. The book is available to order in print form from WEC Publications (£5) or downloaded for FREE from www.smashwords.com/books/view/307924

'Bringing the World to your Church' Seminar Notes & Handout

A seminar based on the material of the above book. Downloadable copies of these notes are available below. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these .pdf files.
Seminar Notes - BTWTYC.pdf
Handout - BTWTYChandout.pdf

'Care for your missionary'

Advice from Wycliffe for churches supporting their members going overseas.
Website: www.wycliffe.org.uk/whatcanido

Local Church Global Mission

Local Church Global Mission is an initiative to encourage churches to be active in identifying, training, sending and supporting workers for cross-cultural mission.
Website: http://localchurchglobalmission.org

The Missionary Training Service

MTS provide training courses and materials for preparing missionaries and tentmakers in church planting, pastoring house churches, training new pastors, unreached people group research and advocacy, missionary team work, cross-cultural evangelism, learning another language, developing an effective sending church, developing a tentmaking strategy.
Website: www.missionarytraining.org
Tel: 01935 83562

Mission websites for Children and Youth

The following websites are set up by mission organisations and are aimed at informing about and involving children and youth in mission.

www.christianaid.org.uk/resources/games (Christian Aid)
www.globalkids.om.org (Operation Mobilisation)
www.compassion.com/kids-magazine.htm (Compassion)

See also

Radstock Resources

Radstock offers its member churches a range of mission resources to equip them for mission. Their Mission Manual is a great resource for the how and why of getting your church connected for global mission.
Website: http://radstock.org/about/what/resources

'Serving As Senders' (to order this book, click here)

This book by Neal Pirolo is all about the church's involvement in supporting missionaries. It's a must if your church supports a missionary and wants to 'get it right'. See also the entry in the event resources section for a course based on this material.
Website: www.eri.org/publications.html

Simply Mobilising

Simply Mobilising offers a number of courses, including the internationally-recognised Kairos Course, and is keen to work with local churches to assist them in becoming missional churches that are engaged with God's purposes for his world.
Website: www.simplymobilising.org.uk

'The Reentry Team' (to order this book, click here)

This book by Neal Pirolo focuses on how to care for returning missionaries
Website: www.eri.org/publications.html

Wycliffe Idea Bank

The Wycliffe Idea Bank is a collection of tried and tested simulation games, stories, discussion materials and more, ready to help you present the challenge of mission to others. These materials are now available for you to download and use free of charge.
Website: www.wycliffe.org.uk/ideabank
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