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This section includes any events, regional or national, regular or one-off, which have been put on to increase UK supporter awareness of World Mission. (If you are organising an event, why not post it here?)


OSCAR's Events List

OSCAR maintains a comprehensive list of mission related events both in the UK and overseas.
Website: www.oscar.org.uk/newsevents/events.htm

AZLAN, Azerbaijan Local Area Network (formerly UKAZ)

AZLAN is a network of organisations & individuals focusing on the needs of Azerbaijan. Occassional events are organised to stimulate interest in this country and encourage prayer.

Global Connections

Global Connections host regular events to raise awareness of issues relating to world mission. Events are usually open to members and non-members but there is a special members rate for individuals from member agencies, churches and colleges.
Website: www.globalconnections.org.uk
Tel: 01926 487755

International School of Dance

All Nations Christian College in partnership with the Christian Dance Fellowship of Great Britain are again offering an inspiring weekend of dance from India to the Caribbean with the opportunity to discover the relevance of these dance forms as a means of engaging with other cultures. For more information, please see our website or contact Katharine Shaw.
Website: www.allnations.ac.uk
Email: dance@allnations.ac.uk
Tel: 01920 443500

Keswick Convention, Keswick, Cumbria

Keswick has a pan-agency Missionary Exhibition to raise awareness of mission work around the globe and challenge attendees to get involved.
Website: www.keswickministries.org
Email: info@keswickministries.org
Tel: 01768 780075

'Methodists for World Mission' Annual Conference, Swanwick

Methodists for World Mission is an organisation which aims to ‘celebrate diversity and promote mutual partnership’ between Christian people of widely differing cultures from all parts of the world. The annual conference usually takes place at Swanwick in June.
Website: www.mwm.org.uk
Email: meg@baileymm.fsnet.co.uk
Tel: 0161 432 3854


Mission-net is a new network formed by the European Evangelical Alliance and the European Evangelical Missionary Alliance. Our purpose is simple, we want to:
  • Encourage existing and promote new 'mission-net movements' on a national and regional level across Europe.
  • Encourage mobilisation and 'hands on' experience through facilitating and networking mission opportunities for young people at local, national and international level.
  • Bring Christian young people together through a pan-European mission-net event for mutual encouragement, teaching, training and mobilisation. Check our website for oOur next a pan-European mission-net event.
    Website: www.mission-net.org
  • Mission Reps Meetings

    For those that represent world mission in the UK through their organisation or church, there are various meetings around the UK to discuss joint initiatives and events.

    New Wine Marketplace, Newark & Shepton Mallet

    If you attend the New Wine Festival, there is a central mission area in the 'Marketplace' where you can ask questions about getting involved in mission, speak to mission representatives, and explore opportunities overseas. This area is run by OSCAR. The 'Marketplace' usually also has a good number of mission organisations represented.
    Website: www.new-wine.org
    Email: info@new-wine.org
    Tel: 020 8567 6717

    Operation Mobilisation Ships

    The OM ships visit port cities throughout the world, supplying vital literature resources, encouraging cross-cultural understanding, training young people for more effective life and service, providing needed relief and sharing a message of hope in God wherever there is opportunity. Since 1970, OM's ships have visited over 435 different ports in more than 140 nations around the globe including the UK. On average, 1 million visitors are welcomed on board every year. Schedules of the different ships' locations are posted on their website.
    Website: www.omships.org

    Operation Mobilisation 'Member Care Courses'

    These courses are aimed at training leaders and those involved in Pastoral / Member Care and in Personnel, in the theory and practice of Member care within a rapidly changing global missions context. The Member Care course uses a combination of formal and experiential training methods, including didactic teaching, seminars, case studies, role play, personal study. Email for next course.
    Email: gill.trainor@ict.om.org
    Tel: 01228 615120

    Oxford World Mission Briefings

    Each year the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies hosts a series of lectures on world mission related topics. Email for next event.
    Website: www.ocms.ac.uk
    Email: OCMS@ocms.ac.uk
    Tel: 01865 556071

    'Partnership for World Mission' Annual Conference, Swanwick

    Partnership for World Mission (PWM) is part of the Church of England's Board of Mission. It was founded to strengthen the Church of England's involvement in world mission. This conference is a unique opportunity to meet with others, in positions of leadership, who hold responsibility for the global mission links of the Church. Participants will represent mission agencies, diocesan links, parish mission interests, ordinands in training and representatives from other Anglican Provinces and Churches. Usually held in November. Email for details.
    Website: www.churchofengland.org/our-faith/mission/world-mission.aspx

    St. John's College, Nottingham

    St. John's offer some distance learning courses through their extension studies programme including: 'The World Christian' - exploring the new issues surrounding world mission.
    Website: www.stjohns-nottm.ac.uk
    Tel: 0115 925 1114

    Worldwide, Bangor, N. Ireland

    This is an annual event held each summer. The aims of the convention are: To provide Bible teaching on mission, to present information from a wide range of missionary societies, and to challenge Christians to a greater involvement in world mission in terms of praying, giving and, perhaps, going.
    Website: www.worldwidemission.org
    Tel: 077 4501 3866
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