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training & development

This section has information on training, orientation & development services for missions, including courses, advice and resources.

General mission

Information on general mission courses and events....more


Events, advice and resources for those thinking about going on short or long term mission...more

Preparation & orientation

Advice and course information on preparation & orientation for those planning to work in cross-cultural ministry. ...more

In-service training & development

Information on in-service training & development for mission. This includes courses and training available around the world, online and through distance learning programmes...more

Language learning

Information on language courses and resources...more

Off-road driving

Advice and courses that teach off-road driving...more

Re-entry & refresher

Re-entry & refresher courses, advice and resources for mission workers...more

Advice & resources

General advice & resources on training for those planning to work or already working in cross-cultural ministry...more

Pioneer church planting

Training resources for pioneer church planting...more


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