This section contains information on mission purchasers or other companies in the UK who give preferential rates, good deals or special services in purchasing for mission and overseas aid workers.


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Mission purchasers (UK based)



MissionAssist has members who serve from their own homes in many different capacities. Many use email to connect with those abroad, and get real joy in helping them. There are plenty of practical services such as hospitality or airport pick-ups too.
Website: www.missionassist.org.uk
Tel: 07527 804914

Medical Missionary News Containers

Supporting the work of overseas Christian Missionaries, Medical Missionary News (MMN) is a registered charity that receives and transports needed goods and supplies to various countries in the world. This includes the purchasing of medicines and provision of medical supplies to hospitals and clinics.
Website: www.mmn.uk.com
Tel: 01268 765266
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Mission purchasers (Non-UK based)

Hands to Serve

Located in the Netherlands and the USA, Hands to Serve provides technical aid to missionaries. This includes vehicle repair facilities, computer help and other technical services. Refurbished computers are available to missionaries. The sourcing and shipping of personal effects can also be arranged.
Website: www.handstoserve.co.uk
Tel: ++ 31 078 674 1509 (NETHERLANDS)

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