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Water and Sanitation Engineers, Community Development Technicians

Western Africa / South America / Asia - Reach Beyond
Personal Support 3-12 months / Over 12 monthsSubmitted: 23/01/18Closing Date: Open


Civil, environmental and/or sanitation engineers are needed to assist rural communities with the construction, maintenance, administration and follow-up of appropriate sustaining water supplies and sanitation.

The job requires design ability, communication skills, hands-on building skills, project funding communications, and follow-up. Learning local language may be needed.

The successful applicants are required to raise their financial support or have the capacity to be self-funded and must be able to sign the Reach Beyond Statement of Faith.

Reach Beyond

We are an international ministry that is passionate about reaching people who are far from Jesus. We deliver life-transforming projects in media and healthcare through thriving partnerships with local believers and churches.

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