Mission events, both in the UK and around the world, that are happening over the next few months.


mission events

This section lists generally mission related events, both in the UK and around the world, that are happening over the next few months. More details of some events can be found at http://oscaractive.ning.com/events . You can also submit events through that list.

mission events

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In the UK


WEC Ireland Autumn Conference Portadown, 4 Nov

Kairos Course London, 6-10 Nov

Bible Storying Gloucester, 6-10 Nov

WEC Conference Leeds, 10-11 Nov

SWAN Church Breakfast Swansea, 11 Nov

All Nations Enquirers Day Ware, 17 Nov

Time for Marriage Cirencester, 17-19 Nov

'Who is my Neighbour?' Belfast, 18 Nov

Reach Training Day Birmingham, 18 Nov

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church 19 Nov

Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Birmingham, 19-24 Nov

'Befriending Muslims' SWAN Church Breakfast Bristol, 21 Nov

Raising Funds for Christian Charities and Churches London, 21 Nov

WEC Central Fellowship Day Birmingham, 25 Nov

Reach Training Day Epsom, 25 Nov

January 2018

Arts and Trauma Healing course begins Online, 5 Jan

Arts in MIssion Bournemouth, 20 Jan

All Change Re-entry Course Gloucester, 27 Jan


Music and Global Worship Week Ware, 12-16 Feb

Multicultural Worship Day Ware, 17 Feb

Serving as Senders London, 20 Feb

Finance for Ministry London, 22 Feb

New Directions Penhurst, 26 Feb - 1 Mar


Running the Race Penhurst, 1-4 Mar

Support Raising for Ministry London, 8 Mar


Refresh Your Soul Penhurst, 21-25 May


TCK Holiday - rekonnect for kids Edale, 6-10 Aug

New Directions Penhurst, 13-16 Aug


From Zero to Hero Penhurst, 7-9 Sep

Joy, Brokenness and Mission Penhurst, 30 Sep - 3 Oct

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Around the world


Basic Trauma First Aid KENYA, 1 Nov

Global MK Summit SOUTH KOREA, 1-4 Nov

Moving beyond post-colonial dependency USA, 8-11 Nov


Managing Psychosocial Risks webinar Online, 1 Dec

MissionNet NETHERLANDS, 28 Dec - 2 Jan

January 2018

ICCM-Europe GERMANY, 31 Jan - 3 Feb


Ellel Ministries Missionary Retreat SOUTH AFRICA, 29 May - 6 June


Breathe Conference SWITZERLAND, 20-30 Jun

For general Christian events in the UK, try www.inspiremagazine.org.uk/events

For mission events in the USA, try http://missionscatalyst.net/?page_id=596

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