Mission events, both in the UK and around the world, that are happening over the next few months.


mission events

This section lists general mission events, both in the UK and around the world, that are happening over the next few months. More details of some events can be found at http://oscaractive.ning.com/events . You can also submit events through that list.

mission events

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In the UK


Your Mission Conference South Normanton, 1 Oct

Induction for Travellers: Common Travel Health Risks London, 5 Oct

Management of Sexual Assault London, 6 Oct

Global Village Edinburgh, 6-16 Oct

Reach your world - WEC Northwest PrayDay Preston, 8 Oct

Reach your world - WEC Central PrayDay Coalville, 8 Oct

Silent Guided Retreat for Men in Leadership Roles Penhurst, 9-12 Oct

Finance for Ministry Leicester,12 Oct

Family Liaison in a Crisis London, 12-13 Oct

Global Mission Conference London, 12-15 Oct

PRIME Mental Health Day London, 14 Oct

5 Day Intensive Kairos Course London, 17-21 Oct

All Nations Enquirers Day Ware, 24 Oct

Travel Health & First Aid London, 25 Oct

Support Raising for Ministry Leicester, 26 Oct

Mission&Me for artists Leeds, 28-30 Oct

5:17 Prayer Conference Hemel Hempstead, 28-30 Oct

Simply the Story Workshop Lisburn, Co. Antrim, 20 Oct - 2 Nov


Stress & Personal Resilience for Staff KENYA, 2 Nov

Finance for Ministry London, 3 Nov

Short-term Preparation Course Birmingham, 6-10 Nov

Support Raising for Ministry London, 10 Nov

Operation World conference Leeds, 12 Nov

Catalyst Live Birmingham, 16 Nov

Catalyst Live Reading, 17 Nov

Time for Marriage Cirencester, 18-20 Nov

Capernwray Holidays - Introducing Israel Carnforth, 19-26 Nov

Induction for Travellers: Common Travel Health Risks London, 22 Nov

Reaching the World on your Doorstep London, 23 Nov

Pregnancy & Travel London, 30 Nov

January 2017

en route course begins Ware, 5 Jan

explore course begins Ware, 16 Jan


All Change Re-entry Course Gloucester, 4 Feb

Time for Marriage for Leaders Chepstow, 10-12 Feb

Time for Marriage Cirencester, 17-19 Feb

Local Church & Global Mission Conference London, 25 Feb

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Around the world


Hostile Environment & Remote Operations (H.E.R.O.) First Aid SOUTH SUDAN, 22-23 Nov

Basic Trauma First Aid SOUTH SUDAN, 24 Nov


OM People Care Course Level 2 HUNGARY, 4-10 Dec

Basic Trauma First Aid KENYA, 6 Dec

For general Christian events in the UK, try www.inspiremagazine.org.uk/events

For mission events in the USA, try http://missionscatalyst.net/?page_id=596

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