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Mission Organisations


Warriors 4 God

Sending mission workers and evangelists out into the world, with emphasis on preaching (street ministry), healing & deliverance (hospital ministry), homiletics (church meetings), gifts of the Holy Spirit and support work (to the poor, elderly and orph more»
Website: www.warriors4God.com
Email: contact@warriors4God.com
Tel: 01293 981309 (mob: 07479 987615)

Watchmen International

We are a UK-based Christian charity working across the church denominations in Africa – training Pastors and leaders, discipling and empowering young people, supporting nursery school education, and providing clean and safe drinking water.
Website: www.watchmeninternational.com
Email: info@watchmeninternational.com
Tel: 0151 336 8762

Watoto Europe

Since 1994, Watoto has enabled thousands of disadvantaged children and adults to regain control of their lives and to realise their potential.
Website: www.watoto.com
Email: europe@watoto.com
Tel: 0203 225 1048

WEC International

Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins and peace with God and to displace hatred with love. WEC International takes that news in peace to the peoples and nations who have yet to hear it. WEC UK is a faith-based fellowship and does not pay a salary. more»
Website: www.wec-uk.org
Email: info@wec-uk.org
Tel: 01753 884631


Together with our local project partners, we enable communities to support and sustain the orphaned and vulnerable children in their midst.
Website: www.weseehope.org.uk
Email: Hello@WeSeeHope.org.uk
Tel: 020 8288 1196

Wood World Missions (WWM)

WWM's objectives are to: Relieve persons who are in conditions of need or hardship or who are aged, widowed, orphaned or sick and to relieve the distress caused; to advance the Christian faith by ministering the Word of God.
Website: www.woodworldmissions.org
Email: info@woodworldmissions.org
Tel: 020 8286 3018

Word of Life

Sharing the Good News with Muslims worldwide.
Website: www.word.org.uk
Email: info@word.org.uk
Tel: n/a

World Gospel Mission (WGM)

Serving God in holiness and righteousness, World Gospel Mission connects in ministry with churches worldwide to make disciples of Jesus Christ among all nations.
Website: www.wgm.org
Email: wgm@wgm.org
Tel: 02838 328197 Fax: 02838 328197

World Horizons

World Horizons exists on behalf of places and people not yet prayed for, churches not yet planted and cross-cultural workers not yet sent. We are a prayer based, pioneering, prophetic, pastoral mission movement. We invite you to come with us!
Website: www.worldhorizons.co.uk
Email: enquiries@worldhorizons.co.uk
Tel: 01554 750005

World In Need (WIN)

World In Need (WIN) is a Christian organisation seeking to help men, women and children in some of the most disadvantaged areas in the world, to overcome the suffering, poverty and difficulties that they face in their daily lives.
Website: www.worldinneed.co.uk
Email: info@worldinneed.co.uk
Tel: 01892 669834 Fax: 01892 669894

World of Worth (WOW)

Liberating families and communities from poverty in India, Africa and the Phillipines.
Website: www.wowuk.org
Email: office@wowuk.org
Tel: 01803 663681

World Outreach UK (World Outreach)

World Outreach is an interdenominational faith mission which seeks to move with the Holy Spirit to facilitate churches and individual Christians to participate in mission worldwide.
Website: www.worldoutreach.org.uk
Email: mission@wouk.org
Tel: 0203 642 4873

World Team

Our work in the UK is aimed at sharing the love of Christ with ethnic minorities, evangelism, discipleship and training of churches to do likewise. We are looking for short and long termers to help us in this task.
Website: www.worldteam.org
Email: Worldteam-UK@Worldteam.org
Tel: 020 8769 6343

World Vision

World Vision International is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.
Website: www.worldvision.org.uk
Email: info@worldvision.org.uk
Tel: 01908 841000 Fax: 01908 841001


Our mission, in the world’s neediest places, is to partner with local Christians in their vision to bring about social and spiritual transformation.
Website: www.worldshare.org.uk
Email: info@worldshare.org.uk
Tel: 01302 775209 Fax: 01302 710027

Wycliffe Bible Translators

1.5 billion people around the world are still waiting for a Bible in their own language. Wycliffe Bible Translators works with urgency to provide universal access to the Bible, giving all people the chance to read, hear and respond to God's word.
Website: www.wycliffe.org.uk
Email: info@wycliffe.org.uk
Tel: 01494 569093

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