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Mission Organisations



Formerly Hereford City Mission, Vennture remains a Christian cross-church initiative, loving those who are marginalised or vulnerable.
Website: www.vennture.org.uk
Email: enquiries@vennture.org.uk
Tel: 0330 202 0730

Vila Maninga

A small registered Christian charity working in rural Mozambique. It runs a project with foster homes for orphans, a Bible College, a Primary School, adult literacy, healthcare. There are occasionally possibilities for volunteer work in teams.
Email: elizabeth@maninga.org
Tel: 07801523461

Vision Africa

Vision Africa equips and empowers disadvantaged children and young people in Kenya towards a brighter future.
Website: www.vision-africa.org
Email: info@vision-africa.org
Tel: 0770 627 6331

Vision for China

Vision for China incorporates the Teachers for China programme offering various opportunities to work in China, including a short-term 'Summer in China' programme which includes a 3-4 week visit as part of a team.
Website: www.visionforchina.com
Email: vfc-info@visionforchina.com
Tel: 01306 631 440


Passionate about releasing children from poverty and abuse worldwide.
Website: www.viva.org
Email: hr@viva.org
Tel: 01865 811660 Fax: 01865 811661

Volunteer Action Nepal

VAN facilitates and organizes your voluntary service in different parts of Nepal. Specialization or high qualifications are not a fundamental requirement, though they may be helpful.
Website: www.volunteeractionnepal.org
Email: info@volunteeractionnepal.org

Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM)

VMM is a lay Christian organisation with offices in England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the USA. VMM was formed in 1969 to recruit, prepare, send and support skilled and qualified people in their work overseas.
Website: www.vmminternational.org
Email: recruit@vmminternational.org
Tel: 0151 291 3438

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