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Mission Organisations


Racham Ministries

Racham Ministries is a non-profit organisation based in Bugembe, Uganda. We are a children's home whose doors are open to any baby or child in need of a safe place to dwell.
Email: herheartbeatsafrica@googlemail.com
Tel: 01244 332760

Radio Worldwide

Radio Worldwide aims to resource and enable Christian Media Practitioners to work effectively in their local and further their use of Culturally Sensitive Media.
Website: www.radioworldwide.org
Email: info@radioworldwide.org
Tel: 0113 212 1783 Fax: 0113 282 3908

Radstock Ministries

Radstock Ministries is a global network of churches connected for mission. Members of the Radstock network share the same vision - to see mission-driven churches equipped and planted.
Website: www.radstock.org
Email: uk.office@radstock.org
Tel: 01582 806242

Railway Mission

We are Railway Mission, a group of specially trained people who offer friendship and a listening ear to anyone connected with our nation’s railways. We’re a Christian charity offering help to everyone.
Website: www.railwaymission.org
Email: office@railwaymission.org
Tel: 0845 269 1881 (mob: 07718 971918)

Ratidzo Trust

Community Projects in Rural Areas. Our first project is in Sanyati, Zimbabwe, setting up sustainable income generating projects for orphans, the elderly, widows and those living with disabilities.
Website: ratidzotrust.wordpress.com
Email: ratidzotrust@gmail.com
Tel: 07512672788

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope is a non-profit organization that seeks to transform the lives of children and families in villages scattered along the edge of the Amazon River through very practical ways.
Website: www.rayofhopeamazon.org
Email: info@rayofhopeamazon.com
Tel: n/a

Reach Beyond

We are an international ministry that is passionate about reaching people who are far from Jesus. We deliver life-transforming projects in media and healthcare through thriving partnerships with local believers and churches. more»
Website: www.reachbeyond.org.uk
Email: info@reachbeyond.org.uk
Tel: 01274 721810 Fax: 01274 514960


ReachAcross shares the Gospel with Muslims, serves them in practical ways, and disciples them to follow Jesus. We have short and long term opportunities in West, Northwest, Northeast, and East Africa, the Red Sea region, Middle East, South Asia, and UK more»
Website: uk.reachacross.net/Contact_Us
Email: info.uk@reachacross.net
Tel: 01732 885688 (mob: 07712267722)

Reaching Out to Europe (ROUTE)

To provide innovative, practical and top-quality teaching that saves lives and improves the way people follow their faith. With the objective of bringing both the Gospel and Christian aid to Europe, in particular the eastern nations.
Website: www.reachingouttoeurope.org.uk
Email: michael@reachingouttoeurope.org.uk
Tel: 01275 846503

Refreshment UK

Refreshment UK is a charity focused on encouraging and equipping Christians to restore their passion for Jesus, to revive their communities and to refresh their faith. We work in four areas - to retreat, to rejoice, to respond and to be resourced more»
Website: www.refreshment.org.uk
Email: info@refreshment.org.uk
Tel: 01253 348940

Reign Ministries

By training disciple-making youth ministers we believe we can see every church come alive with teenagers reaching teenagers with Christ’s message of hope.
Website: www.reignministries.co.uk
Email: kmckinnon@reignministries.co.uk
Tel: n/a (mob: 07811 124861)

Release International

Release International serves the persecuted church around the world in five key ways: Showing God's compassion, Serving God's church, Sharing God's love, Spreading God's Word and Speaking as God's advocates.
Website: www.releaseinternational.org
Email: info@releaseinternational.org
Tel: 01689 823491 Fax: 01689 834647

Relief for Oppressed People Everywhere (ROPE)

ROPE, a Christian volunteer charity, helps the poor in 85 countries with direct aid, food, education, medical help, heating, housing, clothing and in many other ways. Those helped include widows, orphans, refugees, the sick, unemployed and the homeless.
Website: www.rope.org.uk
Email: office@rope.org.uk
Tel: 01494 433170

RELITE Africa Ministry

RELITE Africa Ministry is a non-denominational / interdenominational non-profit making organisation that trains committed and teachable lay preachers and Bible study leaders.
Website: www.reliteafrica.com
Email: drew@geldart.net
Tel: 0113 2744934


Remar gets people off from living on the streets, free from addictions, depression, delinquency, and many other desperate situations. Ring our HELP LINE : 0791 758 5056
Website: www.remar.uk.com
Email: info@remar.uk.com
Tel: 0208 539 0452

Renew West Africa

Bible Study Groups, production and distribution of associated materials, and sustainable development for West African communities.
Website: www.renewwestafrica.org
Email: enquiries@renewwestafrica.org
Tel: 01395 264250

Renewal North West

Renewal North West is a Christian Charity set up to help long term unemployed people break down barriers that keep them from working. 
Website: www.renewal-nw.com
Tel: 0161 476 2777


Restored is an international Christian Alliance that aims to transform relationships and end violence against women (VAW) by working through and with the church and Christians worldwide.
Website: www.restoredrelationships.org
Email: info@restoredrelationships.org
Tel: 020 8943 7706


Retrak works to transform highly vulnerable children’s lives, preserve families, empower communities and give each of them a voice. 
Website: www.retrak.org
Email: mailbox@retrak.org
Tel: 0161 485 6685


Part of Mission Direct, our main purpose is to help improve the educational facilities in Africa by equipping schools with computers, tools, sewing machines and generators.
Website: www.re-wired.org
Tel: 01359 231190

Rock of Joy Trust

Our mission is to advance the education, health and well-being of pupils, teachers and communities associated with our three Ugandan schools.
Website: www.rockofjoy.co.uk
Email: admin@rockofjoy.co.uk
Tel: 0151 342 7387

Romania Care

Most of our work as a charity has been undertaken in Suceava County, in the North East of Romania. Since 2014 we have expanded our work to include Kenya, particularly the Kibera slum in Nairobi.
Website: www.romaniacare.com
Email: info@RomaniaCare.com
Tel: 0845 8683010

Ruach Ha Kodesh Foundation

Our Vision: Every child in Zimbabwe to reach their full potential in life whilst living in loving, safe and secure environment.
Website: www.ruachha-kodesh.org
Email: info@ruachha-kodesh.org
Tel: 07443 850 451

Rush UK

Rush UK supports the work of Rush Kenya, reaching suffering and underprivileged groups, in both Kenya and Tanzania. Most of the projects they support are social, such as education and medical treatment.
Website: www.rushuk.org.uk
Email: rushkenya@gmail.com
Tel: n/a

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