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Mission Organisations


M10 Missions

M10 Missions is a Charity with Christian based values, recruiting and providing dynamic training for 16-25yr olds. It enhances their leadership and life skills development through engagement and opportunity in overseas relief projects.
Website: www.m10.org.uk
Email: m10missions@gmail.com
Tel: 07512902899

MAD International

We are a charity focused on the children around the globe by building the knowledge and awareness of the community around us.
Website: www.madinternational.org
Email: awmad@btinternet.com
Tel: n/a

Mahabba Network International (MNI)

Mahabba helps everyday Christians engage positively with Muslims, by facilitating opportunities to pray; increasing understanding of Muslims and Islam; and equipping believers to share Jesus with Muslims locally.
Website: www.mahabbanetwork.com
Email: info@mahabbanetwork.com
Tel: 01865 600450

Malawi Association for Christian Support (MACS)

MACS helps to support self help initiatives which promote the advancement of education, relieve poverty, sickness and distress and preserve and protect the health of communities in Malawi.
Website: www.malawimacs.org
Email: info@malawimacs.org
Tel: 01580 291658


MANNA, a UK registered charity works with three Anglican Dioceses, Lebombo and Niassa in Mozambique and Angola.
Website: www.manna-anglican.org
Email: elizabeth@manna-anglican.org

Manna Ministries

Manna Academy is the Musical Theatre area within Manna Ministries. Our main Academy is a vibrant Children’s and young adults musical theatre group based in Guildford Surrey, with a satellite branches in Eastbourne, Reigate and Rwanda!
Website: www.mannaministries.org.uk
Email: info@mannaministries.org.uk
Tel: 07596096319

Maoz Israel Ministries

Maoz exists to be a witness of the Good News to the people of Israel in outreach, discipleship and raising up godly Israeli leaders until the day when "All Israel Shall be Saved."
Website: www.maozisrael.uk
Email: maozuk@maozisrael.org
Tel: 0203 740 5794

Mechanics for Africa (MfA)

Mechanics for Africa (MfA) runs a Christian college in Ndola, Zambia training underprivileged young people in motor mechanics and skills for life. We are a registered charity and our students? education is supported by gifts, mainly from UK sponsors, and
Website: www.mechanicsforafrica.com
Email: jason@mfazambia.com
Tel: 07909985050 (mob: 07909985050)


Medair brings life-saving relief and rehabilitation in disasters, conflict areas, and other crises by working alongside the most vulnerable.
Website: www.medair.org
Email: united.kingdom@medair.org
Tel: 020 8772 0100 Fax: 020 8772 0101


The mission of MediaServe is to advance the Kingdom of God by producing and distributing innovative Christian literature and other media materials. MediaServe has been pioneering Christian literature projects around the world for the past forty years.
Website: www.mediaserve.org
Email: office@mediaserve.org

Medic Assist International (MAI)

Our vision is to bring healthcare to people around the world who need it most, so transforming communities suffering oppression or discrimination.
Website: www.medicassistinternational.org
Email: info@medicassistinternational.org
Tel: 0845 224 3562

Melanesian Mission

The Melanesian Mission is an Anglican mission agency that provides support to the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM) through prayer, people and giving.
Website: mmuk.net
Email: mission@mmuk.net
Tel: 01404 851656


We're a Brazilian not-for-profit organisation that works with at-risk girls in communities along the BR-116, Brazil's 'exploitation highway'. Bringing hope and changing lives through the power of dance.
Website: www.meninadanca.org
Email: office@meninadanca.org
Tel: 07738234042

Mercy Ships UK

Mercy Ships offers the opportunity to volunteer on board the world's largest civilian hospital ship - Surgeons, Nurses, Physios, Engineers, Deck Officers, Cooks, Teachers, Photographers! take a look, it could be you!
Website: www.mercyships.org.uk
Email: info@mercyships.org.uk
Tel: 01438 727800 Fax: 01438 721900

Meribel Ski Chalets

Meribel Ski Chalets is run by a Christian family, in the French Alps. We run 4 catered chalets. Last season, we opened up the chapel. UK ministers visit for up to 2 weeks and preach and serve.
Website: www.meribelskichalets.co.uk
Email: hello@meribelskichalets.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1983 89 80 89

Merton Against Trafficking

We are a voluntary organisation dedicated to the elimination of trafficking people for exploitation within the London Borough of Merton.
Website: www.matonline.org.uk
Tel: 020 8715 0106

Messianic Testimony (MT)

Our passion to reach Jewish people takes those who share our vision into the heart of Eastern Europe and as far north as St Petersburg in Russia; such folks are also active throughout the UK, Germany, Belgium and France.
Website: www.messianictestimony.com
Email: debbie.mtoffice@gmail.com
Tel: 07547 212299

Methodist Church World Church Office

The Methodist Church in Britain sends mission partners to serve for 2 years or more with Methodist and united churches overseas. There are also 6 to 12 month volunteer opportunities through the Experience Exchange Programme, run in conjunction with USPG.
Website: www.methodist.org.uk
Email: helpdesk@methodistchurch.org.uk
Tel: 020 7486 5502

Metro World Child

Metro World Child is a global faith-based, humanitarian organization dedicated to serving inner-city children throughout New York City and various urban centers around the world.
Website: www.metroworldchild.org
Tel: 01293 776900

Middle East Concern (MEC)

MEC is an Association of Christian agencies and individuals advocating the human rights of the Christian communities in the Middle East and North Africa. MEC's vision is that Christians throughout the region will be able to practice their faith freely
Website: www.meconcern.org
Email: office@meconcern.org
Tel: (mob: 07509 257 002)

Middle East Media (MEM)

Middle East Media is making the Gospel available to families of the Middle East, and North Africa. All forms of media channels are used, Internet in Arabic, TV broadcasts, Radio, Magazines, Books, CD's and Videos.
Website: www.mem.org
Email: enquiries@mem.org

Military Ministries International (MMI)

Military Ministries International works to see the Kingdom of God growing in the armed forces of the world.
Website: www.mmi.org.uk
Email: headoffice@mmi.org.uk
Tel: 01252 311222 Fax: 01252 350722

Mill Hill Missionaries

We are an international fellowship of Catholic missionaries dedicated to announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people throughout the world.
Website: www.millhillmissionaries.co.uk
Email: office@millhillmissionaries.com
Tel: 01628 673178 Fax: 01628 588439

Ministries Without Borders

We are people who are inwardly free and outwardly mobile; who use their gifts, talents and abilities to take the message of hope - the Gospel of Good News - to a needy and dying world.
Website: www.ministrieswithoutborders.com
Email: admin@ministrieswithoutborders.com
Tel: n/a

Mission Africa

Mission Africa, formerly the Qua Iboe Fellowship, was formed in 1887. It is engaged in pioneer church planting, theological education, discipling, medical work (especially HIV/AIDS ministries) and a host of compassionate ministries. more»
Website: www.missionafrica.org.uk
Email: info@missionafrica.org.uk
Tel: 02890 402850

Mission Africa

Mission Africa work with local churches in Africa in evangelism and teaching and only go where we receive a specific invitation.
Website: www.mission-africa.org
Email: admin@mission-africa.org
Tel: 01932848224

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a Christian organisation whose mission is to fly light aircraft in developing countries so that people in remote areas can receive the help they need. more»
Website: www.maf-uk.org
Email: maf-uk@maf-uk.org
Tel: 01303 850950 Fax: 01303 852800

Mission Care

We are a Christian charity with a history of caring for vulnerable people in South East London since 1904. Today, we provide nursing care and residential care in our five care homes in Bromley, and Southwark.
Website: www.missioncare.org.uk
Email: info@missioncare.org.uk
Tel: 0303 123 3201

Mission Direct

Mission Direct offers two week practical mission trips across ten nations. All ages are welcome (under 18 with parent/guardian) and no special skills are required. Larger groups welcomed.
Website: www.missiondirect.org
Email: info@missiondirect.org
Tel: 01582 720056

Mission House E123

E123 an intentional missional community set up by a partnership between 4 churches, Bethnal Green Mission Church, E1 Community Church, Salvation Army Stepney, Victoria Park Baptist Church and Mission Housing Association.
Website: www.e123missionhouse.org.uk
Email: sallyarmye123@gmail.com
Tel: 020 7729 4286

Mission India

Mission India assists Indian Christians to plant reproducing churches in a systematic, measurable way. Partnering with nearly 1,000 churches and mission organisations we train, resource and equip them to deliver one of three proven ministry programmes.
Website: www.missionindia.org.uk
Email: info@missionindia.org.uk
Tel: 01435 811801

Mission Life And Hope Restored (MVER)

To advance the Christian Faith in Brazil by education, promoting good health, and by way good and services in accordance with Christian principles.
Website: www.missaover.com.br
Email: KW2282@aol.com
Tel: 01604 764101

Mission to Military Garrisons (MMG)

Tel: 0141 333 0703 Fax: 0141 331 0563

Mission to Seafarers

Around the world, The Mission to Seafarers provides help and support to the 1.5 million men and women who face danger every day to keep our global economy afloat.
Website: www.missiontoseafarers.org
Tel: 020 7248 5202

Mission Without Borders UK

We work in the six poorest countries in Eastern Europe to help people break the destructive cycle of poverty. 
Website: www.mwbuk.org
Email: info@mwbuk.org
Tel: 020 7940 1370 Fax: 020 7403 7348


We recruit, train and release mission teams on authentic, life-changing adventures to touch the nations of Europe. Begin your adventure!
Website: www.missioneurope.co.uk
Email: info@missioneurope.co.uk
Tel: 07889 503069

Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers)

The Missionaries of Africa (also known as “The White Fathers”), are an international Missionary Society of priests and brothers, founded in 1868. The name “White Fathers” comes from their habit.
Website: www.thewhitefathers.org.uk
Email: lelsuperior@mafrgb.org.uk
Tel: 020 8799 5013

Missionary Ventures (MVGB)

Our passion is to see indigenous churches and leaders reach their own people with the love and message of Jesus. We want to partner with them to see their God-given visions fulfilled.
Website: www.mvgb.org.uk
Email: shaun@mvgb.org.uk
Tel: 01706 639333 (mob: 0790 242 2275)

Missions to Prisons

Working in prisons in the UK and in Ethiopia
Website: www.missionstoprisons.org
Email: info@greenstones.org.uk
Tel: 01539 720475

MMM Australia (MMM)

MMM International provides construction teams to serve international Missions and Churches. The centres in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa and Zambia, all work within their own region. 
Website: www.mmm.org.au
Email: info@mmminternational.org
Tel: ++ 61 3 9837 2700 Fax: ++ 61 3 9837 2799

Morning Star Ministries

Our aims are to: Make Jesus known; Relieve Poverty; Promote Health In India
Website: www.mstarm.com
Email: info@mstarm.com
Tel: 01926 833 243

Mothers' Union (MU)

Mothers' Union is an international Christian membership charity that aims to demonstrate the Christian faith in action through the transformation of communities worldwide.
Website: www.themothersunion.org
Email: mu@themothersunion.org
Tel: 020 7222 5533 Fax: 020 7227 9737

Mukti Mission (RMM)

We are an Indian-founded, Indian-led mission to the poor, exploited and disenfranchised that is transorming lives one at a time.
Website: www.helpindiakids.org
Email: rmmenglishcouncil@hotmail.com
Tel: 01793 529702

Mullai High School (Mullai)

We are a mission school in South India serving rural children who come from uneducated and backward backgrounds. Our school has been serving the local community since 1994. We have around 350 children from lower kindergarten to 10th Standard.
Email: sdprem@gmail.com
Tel: +919043041060


Müllers works with organisations and individuals locally and around the world, bringing prayer and care together to transform lives and shape communities through holistic care. 
Website: www.mullers.org
Email: admin@mullers.org
Tel: 0117 924 5001

Mustard Seed Communities UK (MSC)

Mustard Seed Communities hosts mission trips. The program is based on meaningful interaction with the residents of MSC, tangible work projects that improve the facilities and infrastructure of our homes, and participation in a Christian community.
Website: www.mustardseed.com
Email: peter.mitchell@mustardseed.com
Tel: 01322 556955

Mustard Seed Ministries (MSM)

Mustard Seed Ministries is helping to support projects in India, Philippines, and Bangladesh that are bringing a positive change to the physical and spiritual lives of children, the elderly and disadvantaged people.
Website: www.msm.org.uk
Email: streetkids@msm.org.uk
Tel: 023 92 734303

Mwana Ministries

Mwana Ministries seeks the advancement of the Christian faith, the advancement of education, the relief of poverty, the advancement of health for children and youth in Africa and elsewhere and any other activity analogous to this purpose.
Website: www.mwanaministries.org
Tel: n/a

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