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Mission Organisations



FAST UK is a UK charity that works with our partners in Romania to help to eliminate poverty, deprivation and discrimination in Brasov county, Romania.
Website: www.fastcharity.co.uk
Tel: n/a

Feba Radio

As followers of Jesus, we use media to bring life-changing hope to hard-to-reach communities.
Website: www.feba.org.uk
Email: lifechange@feba.org.uk
Tel: 01903 237281 (mob: 07717 853793)

Feed The Hungry

Feed The Hungry has delivered more than $200 million of food and supplies to hungry, hurting people in 92 nations around the globe.
Website: www.feedthehungry.org.uk
Tel: 01455 618 455

Feed The Minds (FTM)

Feed the Minds is an interdenominational charity that provides grants for projects and initiatives in the developing world and Eastern Europe.
Website: www.feedtheminds.org
Email: info@feedtheminds.org
Tel: 020 3752 5800 Fax: 020 7735 7617

Fields of Life

Fields of Life is committed to sharing the Christian faith by collaborating with local communities and churches in East Africa to bring about positive change through the provision of quality education, clean water, health promotion and other projects.
Website: www.fieldsoflife.org
Email: info@fieldsoflife.org
Tel: 01795 474262


FirstServe is a gap year programme supported by Echoes, Interlink, and Tilsley College(GLO). The aim is to invest in and disciple young people across the Brethren movement and churches with a similar ethos.
Website: www.first-serve.org.uk
Tel: 01225 310893

Five Talents

Providing enterprising Tanzanians, Ugandans and Kenyans with simple savings schemes, small loans, & business training. 
Website: www.fivetalents.org.uk
Email: info@fivetalents.org.uk
Tel: 020 3808 7643

Flame International

Flame International's vision is to see people set free from the pain and trauma of war, terror or oppression - releasing God's healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. more»
Website: www.flameinternational.org
Tel: 01252 336509

Flying Mission (FMZ)

Flying Mission Zambia exists in order that the next generation will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our core business is providing support service for the Evangelical community through aviation.
Website: www.flyingmission.org
Email: fmzamoffice@flyingmission.org
Tel: (mob: +260 969 471740)

FMDM International

The Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood are an International Religious Congregation of Catholic women who proclaim with their lives the joy and freedom of the Gospel in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi.
Website: www.fmdminternational.co.uk
Email: fmdmvocation2@gmail.com
Tel: 01483 419393

Fonic Trust

FONiC Trust was established in 2005 for the purpose of supporting the Nepali Christian Community. FONiC stands for Friends of Nepali Christians.
Website: www.fonictrust.org
Email: info@fonictrust.org

Food for the Hungry UK (FH-UK)

Food for the Hungry is an international Christian organisation working in about 20 of the world's poorest nations, in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, to end physical and spiritual hungers.
Website: www.uk.fhi.net
Email: uk@fhi.net
Tel: 01494 674898 (mob: 07804979185)

For Theophilus

Website: n/a
Tel: 01565 723007

Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME)

Since its inception, FRRME has worked to bridge the sectarian divide through interfaith dialogue and by providing emergency relief to those who have been driven apart by war. 
Website: www.frrme.org
Email: office@frrme.org
Tel: 01730 267673

Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI)

The Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI) was founded in 2008 with the main goal of working for the social development and integration of underprivileged individuals, groups and communities in Bulgaria.
Website: www.fscibulgaria.org
Email: office@fscibulgaria.org
Tel: 0878 664 858

Fountain of Peace

The Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation is currently committed to changing the lives of children in Uganda by providing homes and shelter in a caring Christian environment.
Website: www.fountainofpeace.net
Email: info@fountainofpeace.net
Tel: 01494 758998 (mob: 07973 874010)

France Mission

A French-based evangelical church-planting organisation with around 60 churches spread across France. We offer short-term mission opportunities and can help you find an evangelical church to visit whilst holidaying in France.
Website: www.france-mission.com/fmtrust/web/
Email: fmtrust@france-mission.org
Tel: 01392 213275 (mob: 07980 450462)

Free Church of Scotland International Missions Board

The Free Church exists first and foremost for mission - to make the message of Jesus known both at home and abroad.
Website: www.freechurch.org
Email: rod.morrison@freechurchofscotland.org.uk
Tel: 0131 226 5286 Fax: 0131 220 0597

Free Methodist Church

Our mission is to bring all people into contact with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, inviting them to receive Him as their own personal Lord and Saviour. 
Website: www.freemethodist.org.uk
Email: office@freemethodist.org.uk
Tel: 01772 719422 Fax: 01772 719422

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland is a Psalm-singing Reformed Church with congregations across the world. It is committed to the inspiration of the whole Bible and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Saviour from sin.
Website: www.fpchurch.org.uk
Email: outreach@fpchurch.org.uk
Tel: n/a

Free Presbyterian Mission Board

This is a special dedicated site which is run under the auspices of the denomination’s Mission Board and Missionary Council. It will report on the work and witness of our missionaries who serve the Lord Jesus Christ at home and abroad.
Website: www.fpcmission.org
Email: office@fpcmission.org
Tel: 028 4176 5574

Friends International

Friends International is an interdenominational, evangelical mission agency. The organisation was formed in 1985, as International Student Christian Services (ISCS).
Website: www.friendsinternational.org.uk
Email: info@friendsinternational.org.uk
Tel: 01920 460006

Friends of CME Trust

We are a UK based charity seeking to relieve sickness and poverty in the north-eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Website: www.friendsofcme.com
Email: info@friendsofcme.com
Tel: 01234 852612

Friends of IEM

FIEM is a group of Christians in the UK who together endeavour to support the work of the Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM).  IEM is an Indian mission agency working almost entirely in India.
Website: www.friendsofiem.org.uk
Email: info@friendsofiem.org.uk

Friends of Ludhiana

Friends of Ludhiana is the UK support base for the work centred at the Christian Medical College & Hospital (CMC), Ludhiana, Punjab, North India.
Website: www.friendsofludhiana.org.uk
Email: info@friendsofludhiana.org.uk
Tel: 01273 843370

Friends of Mandritsara Trust (FOMT)

Supporting the work of the Good News Hospital, Good News School and Voice of the Good News radio station in Mandritsara, Madagascar.
Website: www.mandritsara.org.uk
Email: hvmmandritsara@gmail.com
Tel: 01480300382 (mob: 07743649188)

Friends of the Anglican Church in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa (FACE)

FACE supports the vital ministry of the Anglican Church in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa by raising awareness in the UK, providing grants to support that work and facilitating opportunities for people in the UK to volunteer in the region.
Website: www.friendsanglicanethiopia.org.uk
Email: info@friendsanglicanethiopia.org.uk
Tel: 01344 874177

Friends of TREAD

Trinity Rural Educational Association for Development Trust based in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa States with existing Day Centre for 75 children and a Tailoring Centre for 20 young women and also support for a few orphans.
Website: www.friendsoftread.org
Email: treaduk@hotmail.com
Tel: 01424 853697 Fax: 0117 955 9922

Friends of Turkey

We seek to support the work God is doing in Turkey through two activities: Encouraging informed prayer through a free bimonthly A5 bulletin, and providing a channel for financial help to Turkish church leaders through the Silas Project
Website: www.fot-uk.org.uk
Email: fot@fot-uk.org.uk
Tel: 01452 539092

Frishta Childrens Village (Frishta)

Frista means Angel in several Asian Languages. Frishta's aim is to help destitute children and by establishing and running Christian children's homes for street, orphaned, abandoned and runaway children, in Punjab, India.
Website: www.frishta.org
Email: info@frishta.org.uk
Tel: 01275 819033

Frontier Youth Trust (FYT)

Frontier Youth Trust (FYT) works with young people at risk towards justice, equality and community. We work through a diverse range of projects including StreetSpace, Alongside and AIMCommunity.
Website: www.fyt.org.uk
Email: info@fyt.org.uk
Tel: 0121 771 2328


Established in 1983, Frontiers seeks, with love and respect, to invite all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus.
Website: www.frontiers.org.uk
Email: jess@frontiers.org.uk
Tel: 0303 3335051

Fulani Ministries

We are Fulani Christians with a vision and mission to reach out to other Fulani people with the Gospel of Christ across Africa. 
Website: www.fulaniministries.org
Email: info@fulaniministries.org
Tel: 0800 043 0577

Fusion Youth and Community (Fusion YAC)

Fusion Youth and Community UK are a Christian organisation working with young people and their communities to bring hope and transformation - in the UK and countries across the world
Website: www.fusionyac.org
Email: anika.parker@fusionyac.org
Tel: 0118 931 4747

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