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Mission Organisations


E3 Initiative

E3’s vision is to bring transformation to communities affected by poverty and HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa.
Website: www.e3initiative.org
Email: info@e3initiative.org
Tel: n/a

Eastern European Outreach

 The goal of EEO UK is to spread the Gospel of Jesus throughout the world  by direct evangelism and a wide scale of care projects. 
Website: www.eeouk.org
Email: info@eeouk.org
Tel: 0800 298 0126

ECHO International Health Services

Information about health in the developing world
Website: www.echohealth.org.uk
Email: echohealthservices@gmail.com

Echoes of Service

We are a mission service organisation, based in Bath, UK. We exist to advance the work of mission globally and see individuals and communities impacted by the Gospel. 
Website: www.echoes.org.uk
Email: echoes@echoes.org.uk
Tel: 01225 310893 Fax: 01225 480134

Edinburgh City Mission

Edinburgh City Mission is directly involved in evangelistic outreach and aims to also be a catalyst for individuals and churches to engage in mission, endeavouring to show the love of God through sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.
Website: www.ecm.org.uk
Email: mail@ecm.org.uk
Tel: 01312 259445

Educacion Plus

Educacion Plus works with needy children in shanty towns of Costa Rica by getting children into school through the provision of uniforms, equipment and  home support. 
Website: www.educacionplus.org
Email: edplusuk@edplus.or.cr
Tel: 01959 532209

Education for Life

A UK charity working in Mombasa, Kenya; shining the light of Jesus by providing employment for local people; feeding and educating children; providing homes for orphaned and abandoned children, helping families in need. 
Website: www.educationforlife.net
Email: info@educationforlife.net
Tel: 0870 879 1524


Edukid's vision is of a world free from the effects of war and poverty, where each child has an education and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.
Website: www.edukid.org.uk
Email: info@edukid.org.uk
Tel: 0845 139 9990

Elam Ministries

Elam's vision is that all the people of the Iran region would have the opportunity to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him as a disciple, and that they would be instrumental in taking the Gospel to other Muslims.
Website: www.elam.com
Email: info@elam.org
Tel: 01483 427778

Elim Missions

Our Core Purpose is to release and equip the local church to transform lives, communities and nations with the love of Christ.
Website: www.elimmissions.co.uk
Email: missions@elimhq.net
Tel: 01684 588 940 Fax: 0845 302 6752

Embrace the Middle East

Formerly known as BibleLands, we provide health, education and community development programmes, in partnership with local Christians, for the most disadvantaged people in the lands of the Bible - regardless of their faith or nationality.
Website: www.embraceme.org
Email: info@embraceme.org
Tel: 01494 897950

Emerge Poverty Free

Emerge Poverty Free provides resources, tools, and knowledge that vulnerable communities need to fight poverty. Our focus on poverty reduction is holistic, addressing the physical and emotional needs of communities, creating dignity through self-reliance
Website: www.emergepovertyfree.org
Email: info@emergepovertyfree.org
Tel: 020 7839 3854

Emmanuel International UK (EIUK)

Emmanuel International is an evangelical, interdenominational organisation whose aim is to encourage the growth and development of indigenous local churches in developing countries.
Website: www.eiuk.org.uk
Email: info@eiuk.org.uk
Tel: 01243 931094

EMMS International

EMMS International is a voluntary Christian organisation. As EMMS it was internationally known for its pioneering work in training medical students for work overseas.
Website: www.emms.org
Email: info@emms.org
Tel: 0131 313 3828 Fax: 0131 313 4662


Empower's vision is to link individuals, organisations and charities together to benefit the communities of rural Gambia through education, training and empowerment.
Website: www.facebook.com/EmpowertheGambia
Email: joheavenempower@aol.co.uk
Tel: 07771804365

Empower a Child UK

A christian charity raising support in the UK to develop young people in Uganda and Kenya.
Website: www.empowerachild.org.uk
Email: info@empowerachild.org.uk
Tel: 07764 200029

Empower International

Training and equipping men and women from poor communities in Romania with various skills to help them become employable
Website: www.empower-international.com
Email: info@empower-international.com
Tel: 07528676821

Enable the Children (World Hope International)

Children's Community Based Rehab Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Working with a small team of locals and expats providing rehab to disabled children in Freetown and surrounding communities.
Website: www.worldhope.org/enable-the-children
Email: annavines@worldhope.org
Tel: +23276568958 (mob: +447909964689)

Engineering Ministries International UK (EMI UK)

EMI UK is a charitable Christian development organization made up of volunteer architects, engineers, design professionals and building technicians who donate their skills to help children and families around the world step out of poverty.
Website: www.emiuk.org
Email: enquiries@emiuk.org
Tel: 01233 643454

Eurasia Education Foundation (EEF)

We started as Romanian Aid Fund in 1973 and today the church in Romania has come to maturity. We have therefore renamed ourselves as Eurasia Education Foundation and are focussing upon supporting the college and Central Asian students in Moldova.
Website: www.eurasia.org.uk
Email: enquiries.dgu@gmail.com
Tel: 01892 663391

European Christian Mission (ECM)

ECM is an international, interdenominational mission agency whose ministry primarily focuses on planting churches in areas of Europe where there is little or no evangelical presence. more»
Website: www.ecmbritain.org
Email: ecm.gb@ecmi.org
Tel: 01604 497603

European Missionary Fellowship

We champion mission in Europe by planting and nurturing local churches.
Website: www.europeanmission.org
Email: hq@europeanmission.org
Tel: 01438 716398

Eurovision Mission to Europe

Ministry led by David Hathaway.
Website: www.propheticvision.org.uk
Email: office@eurovision.org.uk
Tel: 01924 453693 Fax: 01924 465326

Evangelical Action (Brazil)

Evangelical Action Brazil is a Christian evangelical agency firmly committed to the promotion of the Gospel of Christ in the poor and desperately needy area of Northeastern Brazil.
Website: www.eabrazil.com
Email: eabfinance@gmail.com
Tel: 02380 891021

Evangelistic Medical Missions Abroad (EMMA)

Many UK health professionals would love to use their God-given medical skills in serving the poor overseas. EMMA provides the opportunity to do so in a practical way and in sharing the Gospel.
Website: www.uk-emma.org
Tel: 020 8524 0984 (mob: 07876 442438)


Serving the Church in disciple making youth ministry to see generations of young people boldly following Jesus and becoming lifelong disciple makers.
Website: www.exodusonline.org.uk
Email: general@exodusonline.org.uk
Tel: 028 7126 6749

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