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Mission Organisations



Dentaid works tirelessly to improve access to safe, sustainable and affordable dental care both in the UK and overseas.
Website: www.dentaid.org
Email: info@dentaid.org
Tel: 01794 324249

Derek Prince Ministries (DPM)

Derek Prince Ministries is at the forefront of combating spiritual hunger worldwide by making compelling Bible teaching available in over 120 languages.
Website: www.dpmuk.org
Email: enquiries@dpmuk.org
Tel: 01462 492100

Development Associates International UK (DAI)

DAI is a fellowship of leader developers passionate about helping Christian leaders grow and have a transformative impact in their communities.
Website: www.daintl.org.uk
Email: dai-uk@daintl.org


Dignity believes that true change happens when people meet Jesus. We working primarily in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. We equip people to be missionaries to their own people bringing hope in the here and now and for eternity.
Website: www.dignityonline.org.uk
Email: admin@dignityonline.org.uk
Tel: 0161 434 8841


Your year out with God. Serving churches, developing leaders, making 21st century disciples. DNA is about church based character formation for you to test your international call safely in a local church context in both the UK and internationally. more»
Website: www.dna-uk.org
Email: dna@dna-uk.org
Tel: 01428 653560 (mob: 07905 625195)

Double Me

DoubleMe is all about sharing in order to help other people. We take teachers and physiotherapists out to East Africa to train and equip local schools – so that they can have a bigger impact on their children.
Website: www.doubleme.org
Email: hello@doubleme.org

Dovetales International Trust

Our aim is to preach and teach the Christian faith world-wide, and to provide relief of human suffering and poverty by providing education, vocational training, medical aid, food and accommodation to those in need.
Website: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~dovetale
Email: dovetale@globalnet.co.uk
Tel: 0161 652 4060

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