If you're involved or interested in mission or Christian work overseas, OSCAR, the UK information service for world mission, is your gateway to useful UK information, advice and resources



If you're involved or interested in mission or Christian work around the world, OSCAR is your gateway to useful information, advice and resources.

Features for May ...

The Cult of Calling

Are you called to mission? What do you mean by that? Every missionary goes through a process of examining their calling and builds a unique 'profile' to explain why they do what they do. Translating that into words is often problematic. Leslie Verner tells us about her journey and how her view of calling unfolded throughout her mission experience. It's a challenging read for any missionary more...

10 ways to avoid becoming a missionary

In slight contrast to this month's main article, Howard Culbertson presents us with a tongue-in-cheek look at some sure-fire ways to avoid becoming a missionary. Howard has spent 15 years overseas and 25 years training others for the mission field, so I imagine that he's heard just about every reason why people don't 'go'. His list has links to many other great, related articles and resources on his website more...

Travel Safely

If you're travelling to an unfamiliar place over the next few months, how do you assess and deal with any risks or safety issues you might encounter? Sarus Global, a faith-based company, provide an online course to help you do just that. OSCAR's Crisis Management page has the details of Sarus Global and many other great resources that can help in this subject area more...

Long Distance Relationships

Are you in a long distance relationship? Do you find it hard to know what to say on the phone or how to grow your friendship whilst you're apart. Lisa McKay, one of our previous guest authors, has written a book of '201 Great Discussion Questions for Couples in Long Distance Relationships'. Download it for just under £3 and never be stuck for words again! more...

OSCAR is Mobile Friendly

The OSCAR website is now fully responsive! Which means that when you view it on a mobile phone or tablet, the information on the page re-arranges to fit the screen and be easy to read. Try it out on your favourite device and see what you think.

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