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Features for November ...

Mission Is ...

If you were asked 'What is Mission?' how would you respond? Over the last few months the Church Mission Society have been conducting a survey of the Christian public about what they think Mission is. The results so far have now been published and this month's article reproduces some of the findings. There are some surprising insights! If you haven't participated, there's still time. more

Mission Is ...

Missionary Transitions

Missionaries go through major transitions when they move from their passport cultures to their host cultures and when they return "home." But missionaries also go through transitions before they leave, while they are serving on the field and after they return. This free downloadable e-book by Ron Koteskey includes information about many of these transitions, including the final transition for all of us, the transition from earth to heaven. more

The Culture Test

The Culture Test is a FREE, five-minute tool for learning your primary culture type - guilt, shame, or fear (just 25 simple questions). You've learned your personality type, now learn your culture type! Understand global cultures, so you can anticipate the cultural collision. The site also has a free, downloadable group discussion guide which you can use with any group to introduce cultural differences. more

Christmas Cards and Gifts

OSCAR has a Christmas section where you can see which mission organisations sell Christmas cards and gifts for their ministry, as well as those who enable you to buy 'alternative gifts' for people in need all over the world. We also link to the Christmas last posting dates, so you don't miss those international Christmas mailing deadlines. more

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Shop and Support Mission

Christmas shopping online peaks towards the end of November. Britain is the biggest online shopping nation in the world with around 17% of all retail sales carried out online. That's why affiliate shopping has such a huge potential for funding charities and mission. Using an affiliate link doesn't usually cost you any more than normal but it enables a small donation to go from the retailer to a worthy cause. See our affiliate page for examples.more
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