If you're involved or interested in mission or Christian work overseas, OSCAR, the UK information service for world mission, is your gateway to useful UK information, advice and resources



If you're involved or interested in mission or Christian work around the world, OSCAR is your gateway to useful information, advice and resources.

Features for September ...

The Internet Great Escape

The second article in our series of Good Communication looks at the security of Internet connections. This month, Andy opens up the topic of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to help cross cultural workers think through the choices and considerations when trying to make surfing and communications as secure as possible more...

Mission Aware Course

There's a new course out to help churches gain greater awareness of the Great Commission. 'Mission Aware' runs for six sessions of 90 minutes each. It can be used as a whole church course, with house groups or even as a one-to-one training aid. A set of DVDs opens each week's topic and each particpant has a booklet to work through. Group discussion is also part of each session. All for a very modest price more...

Specialised Travel Insurance

At this Summer's festivals, we met several people who struggled to find travel or medical insurance because of their special circumstances. In some cases this was down to where they were going, or what they were going to do, or simply their age! We have recently updated our insurance page and added more companies who provide specialised cover of interest to anyone travelling to or working in unusual cross-cultural situations more...

Good Calculators

No ministry can survive without administration. In fact, good administration is a mark of a good ministry. Getting our houses and finances in order is important to the long term success of our work. We were recently informed about a great website that can help with this - Good Calculators. Online calculators for anything from foreign exchance to retirement planning, including budgeting, mortgage and tax. All the hard work done for you so you can just plug in the figures and see the results more ...

'All Change' Re-entry Course

OSCAR is running a day course on cross-cultural re-entry on 24th September in Gloucester. If you've recently returned from overseas (either from long term service or a gap year placement), or if you are responsible for looking after returnees in your church or organisation, this day will give you a toolkit for the re-entry process. The price is just £40, including all materials and lunch more

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