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Features for May ...

Transition & Adjustment

Moving from one culture to another does strange things to the mind and body! If you're not aware of these things before they happen, it can at best be disorientating and at worst, end in disaster. Mike Frith, OSCAR's Director, has transitioned to and from five different countries and has led training courses on this topic for over 15 years. In this month's article he outlines six key things he has learnt about this important stage in the life of a cross-cultural mission worker more

Plane Landing

Serving God in Today's Cities

Urbanisation is one of the increasing challenges for the world and the Christian community today. This book, another in the series 'Serving God in ...' by Patrick Johnstone with Dean Merrill, explores what's happening with cities around the world and shows how Christian workers are responding to key challenges. Our feature includes a brief review by Dave Kinghorn, Manager of Gloucester City Mission UK more

30 Days of Prayer

Later this month, to coincide with Ramadan, 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World starts. The 2017 prayer guide is now available as a PDF and printed in over 25 languages. There is also a 'Just for Kids' version for children and families to use. This is the 25th year since the '30 Days' movement started. Millions of Christians have joined together in prayer, across denominations, languages and cultures to pray for the Muslim world since it began more

Register to Vote

If you're a UK citizen outside the UK and you're not yet registered to vote in the upcoming UK General Election, OSCAR has a page dedicated to helping you participate. Alongside advice about voting, we include a few links to help you decide who you might vote for! more

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OSCAR Training

OSCAR runs a range of training days, including several for those transitioning from one culture to another. These day courses give an essential toolkit for anyone moving countries or cultures, to keep them aware of the changes and make a successful adjustment to their new situation. Courses coming up include: All Change re-entry days (16th May & 23rd Sep) and Ready-Steady-Go pre-field training (22nd June), all held in Gloucester, UK more
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