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If you're involved or interested in mission or Christian work around the world, OSCAR is your gateway to useful information, advice and resources.

Features for June ...

Church Partnerships

With improved travel and communication, building partnerships with other churches across the globe has become both possible and popular. There are, however, many pitfalls. David Friswell, our guest author this month, shares some of the experience learnt by the Methodist Church over many years of church partnerships across cultures. The advice is useful not just for churches, but also for any organisation or individual seeking to grow relationships with those from other cultures more...
Cross cultural worker helping locals fish

Go, but Go Wisely

If you, or someone you know, are heading out on short-term mission this Summer, this month's featured eBook is a great companion as you prepare and go. 'Go, but Go Wisely', published by Global Mapping International, with contributions from several authors, will help you undertake your trip with the right mindset and will open your eyes to the ministry opportunities around you more...

22 Expert Fundraising Tips

A fully funded missionary can seem like an endangered species, but it is possible and this interesting infographic compiled by Jenn Fortner shares expert tips from 22 fully-funded missionaries. She asked them: "If you could tell a new itinerate missionary one thing about raising funds, what would it be?" Their answers are both informative and inspiring more...

Postcards to/from the Field

We're often highlighting the importance of good communication between all partners in mission. Have you thought about using the post for this recently? Electronic communication is great, but when did you last send a postcard or letter by post? The joy of having a personal note drop through the letter box is a rare thing these days. It needn't be. Check out our advice and resources for sending things by post, including the great new 'Postsnap' app for sending photos as postcards more...

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