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Features Archive 2018

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Stressed Man

Stress Management

Many mission workers live and work in potentially stressful situations, so it's important to know how you're reacting and what you can do to manage unusual stress levels. This month's guest article, the first from new organisation 'Thrive Worldwide', will help you recognise and manage your stress.
Go to www.oscar.org.uk/oscaractive/articles/thrive.htm

Free Travel Medical Guide

Good Neighbor Insurance provide a range of guides for mission workers and we have featured some of these before. This 60 page guide on travel medicine/medical concerns, available free online, is full of real-life tips and advice to keep you from becoming ill overseas. A 'must have' in the library of any mission worker, short or long term.
Go to www.gninsurance.com/free-travel-medical-guide

Belle of the Ball

It's rare to find a novel that's written for teenagers and tackles important issues from a Christian perspective like the challenge of different faiths & cultures, forced migration, maturing and trauma. This book does it all and does it well. As one reviewer says 'I was moved to tears on several occasions. I highly recommend this book.'
Go to http://amzn.to/2rWwkLs

Using your mobile phone abroad

One of the first questions that any international traveller has is 'will I be able to use my phone?' Your mobile phone provider may have certain roaming agreements with some countries, but what about outside of these? Before you rack up huge phone bills or get stuck somewhere with no signal or contact, check out OSCAR's Telephone page for a run down of your options.
Go to www.oscar.org.uk/service/communications/telephone.htm

London based training

OSCAR is running two day courses in London at the end of this month, both at Stewardship's offices. The first is Serving as Senders on Tuesday 20th and the second is Finance for Ministry on Thursday 22nd (in partnership with Stewardship). Both of these are designed to equip those who send and those who go into mission. If you're in or near London, it would be great to see you.
Further OSCAR training details at www.oscar.org.uk/training
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A New Start

A new year – a new start.  New Year’s Resolutions are all very well but they tend not to last.  However, we worship a God of new starts and of fresh beginnings so now might be the time to apply some fresh thinking to your ministry at the start of 2018. Fiona Mearns from Stewardship is here to help us do this.
Go to www.oscar.org.uk/oscaractive/articles/mearns2.htm

Receiving Them Well

How do you support someone returning from mission work? There's so much more to do than meeting them at the airport. The process of re-entry takes months and the support of church, friends and family is crucial to make a healthy transition through the process. This new, practical book offers advice on ways of supporting that will benefit both parties. It includes personal stories, useful questions, practical advice and knowledge. It's available in paperback and Kindle formats.
Go to http://amzn.to/2kQHqe7

UK Holidays

In January, many people's thoughts turn to holidays. If you're in mission or ministry, you're probably looking for a holiday that's both affordable and conducive to Christians. OSCAR has a growing list of such locations in the UK for you. We've also recently added a number of properties from the former service Off Duty.
Go to www.oscar.org.uk/service/logistics/comingtouk/holidays.htm

Updated Guest House List

OSCAR holds the world's most comprehensive global mission guest house list. Some of these are owned by Christian organisations, some of them are private or commercial hotels owned and/or run by Christians. We have been updating this list ready for 2018 and the new version is now available. Just contact us explaining your mission credentials and we will email it to you.


Did you know that over 450 Christian organisations and churches now manage their own information on the OSCAR website? Each has an account to both update their organisational details and add opportunities/vacancies. We also have a large number of organisations adding their events to our events list, making it the UK's most dynamic source of 'what's on' mission-wise. You too could be a part of all this! Contact us for more info.
To open an account for your organisation, go to www.oscar.org.uk/packages
To add your events, go to http://oscaractive.ning.com/events
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