How to use the OSCAR website



There are several elements on each page of this site that should help you navigate to where you want to go and back again. These include menus down the left side and links on the top and bottom of each page.

If this is your first visit to OSCAR, please take a few minutes to browse through this About OSCAR section of the site. This will tell you how OSCAR may benefit you, whatever your involvement in world mission, and how best to get around the OSCAR site. Alternatively, jump straight into one of the sections of the site's main content or browse this month's features back on the home page.

The left menu bar consists of links to the following main sections:

  • Opportunity zone - mission organisations and opportunities information plus news and info from around the world.
  • Service zone - mission support services and 'missionary relevant' information.
  • Supporter zone - information, advice and resources for mission supporters.
  • OSCARactive - the interactive section of the OSCAR website.
  • News & events - time critical information such as news, coming events & weather.
  • About OSCAR - explains about the background of OSCAR and has information on donations and sponsorship. Help information can also be accessed through here.

It's through the Opportunity, Service and Supporter zones that you can access most of the information content of the site. Clicking on any of these main headings reveals drop-down menus that give you further options and a corresponding page on the right. Using this menu system you should be able to get to the information you require.

Each listing for an organisation or service will normally include a web-site address (if available), an e-mail address and possibly a telephone number.

Other links on the left, top and bottom of each page include: 

  • Home - takes you back to the front page of the site.
  • Suggest a listing - takes you to the form page for submitting a listing or content for OSCAR.
  • Contact - takes you to the form page for registering your interest or sending a message to OSCAR.
  • Site map - takes you to an overview plan of the OSCAR site.
  • Help - if you can't find what you're looking for..
  • Search - search the OSCAR site from any page
  • Disclaimer - takes you to the OSCAR liability disclaimer
  • Privacy - takes you to the OSCAR privacy & security statement
  • Copyright - clicking on the copyright symbol at the bottom of any page takes you to OSCAR's copyright statement

In addition to 'home' on the left menu bar, clicking on the top left OSCAR logo on any page will take you to the front home page of the site.

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