Website sponsorship scheme


website sponsorship scheme

The OSCAR website currently receives around 140,000 page views per month from around 23,000 visitor sessions (2017 statistics). Our Website Sponsorship Scheme offers you a unique opportunity to sponsor part of this growing, mission specific website and reach out to this audience.

"We have also had lots of hits following the sponsorship of the Travel Pages ... so we will definitely be renewing this."
Diversity Travel

For a monthly fee, you can help keep a section of the OSCAR website online. OSCAR will include your name or logo on the left of each of the pages in the section you choose. This is in a special 'This page is sponsored by' box which links through to your own website (see left). Previous and current sponsors have found that referrals are very good. The unique aspect of sponsoring a specific section of OSCAR is that visitors to that section are not just mission-minded people, they are also usually looking specifically for resources in that subject area. Very few places provide an opportunity for you to sponsor in such a specific way.

Google Ads not as good as OSCAR ads!
In a test, Google ads gave our advert 304 impressions in one month and referred just 3 people to our website ... that's less than 1% click through rate!
One OSCAR page had 1153 page views (impressions) in the same month and referred 94 people to the sponsors website ... that's an amazing 8% click through rate!!

Below are the sections of the OSCAR website available for sponsorship on a monthly basis. Book for six months and you get one free! Each section has been divided according to the nature of the content of its pages. The fee for each section has been set roughly according to the number of page views those sections receive per month (as little as 2p per page view). Sponsorship for some sections starts at just £10 per month. Special Offer for Gold and Silver package members: get a £50 discount if booking a 12 month sponsorship whilst on a package!

If your organisation is listed on the OSCAR website, you will probably want to choose the section(s) where you are listed, or you may wish to sponsor a section that you are keen to see remain online. A sample of how your name or logo will appear is shown on the left of this page. Email your logo to us in any format and we will prepare it for our pages. The maximum size of a logo on the web pages is 8000 pixels, with the maximum width being 165 pixels (e.g. 165 pixels wide by 48 pixels high, or 100 pixels wide by 80 pixels high etc.). A text hyperlink (if no logo is available) will be in bold Verdana font 12pt.

website sponsorship form

Organisation or Company or Church:  
Contact Name: Required
Contact E-mail address: Required
Contact Postal address:  
Contact Telephone No:  
Text for sponsor link: This page is sponsored by
(if a logo link is required, email logo to )
URL (web address) for sponsor link: 
Which sections would you like to sponsor and for how many months? (page view figures are from Mar 2017):
(incl. Mission orgs, Service Orgs & Churches entry pages, excl. sub-directories and Profile Pages)
Pages = 3;  Page views per month = 710
Opportunity zone - Opportunities & Vacancies
(excl. individual vacancy pages)
Pages = 6;  Page views per month = 20,500
Opportunity zone - Locations
Pages = 5;  Page views per month = 1040
Service zone - Logistics - Travel
(incl. flights, cars & travel agents)
Pages = 5;  Page views per month = 440
Service zone - Logistics - Shipping
(incl. Mission shippers & 'What to take')
Pages = 3;  Page views per month = 370
Service zone - Logistics - Purchasing
Pages = 4;  Page views per month = 320
Service zone - Logistics - Documents
(incl. Passport & visas, Driving documents, Moving house etc.)
Pages = 7;  Page views per month = 500
Service zone - Logistics - Coming to the UK
Pages = 1;  Page views per month = 109
Service zone - Logistics - Coming to the UK - Housing
Pages = 1;  Page views per month = 180
Service zone - Logistics - Coming to the UK - Travel
Pages = 1;  Page views per month = 190
Service zone - Logistics - Coming to the UK - Holidays
Pages = 1;  Page views per month = 230
Service zone - Logistics - Crisis management
Pages = 1;  Page views per month = 120
Service zone - Finance
(incl. Supporter zone - Finance)
Pages = 11;  Page views per month = 1490
Service zone - Health
Pages = 7;  Page views per month = 720
Service zone - Training
Pages = 9;  Page views per month = 870
Service zone - Children
Pages = 5;  Page views per month = 490
Service zone - Communications
(incl. Supporter zone - Communications)
Pages = 14;  Page views per month = 950
Service zone - Pastoral & spiritual
Pages = 7;  Page views per month = 640
Service zone - Other resources
Pages = 5;  Page views per month = 510
Supporter zone
 (excl. Finance & Communications)
 Pages = 13;  Page views per month = 1140
OSCARactive - Blogs
 Pages = 20;  Page views per month = 2200
News & events
 Pages = 3;  Page views per month = 470
Silver & Gold members deduct £50 if booking for a minimum of one year
TOTAL your amount and type in this box --->
How will you be paying:
Any other message or comments?
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When you click on 'SUBMIT', you will be taken to the payment page. Your request will not be accepted until we have received the appropriate amount. Thanks.

* Direct Debit requires set up with GoCardless prior to selection.
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