Profile Pages


Profile Pages

OSCAR Profile Pages come as part of our Silver or Gold 'Advertising Packages' or our church 'enhanced' listing.

Profile Page

This is a page hosted within the OSCAR website which provides you with a dedicated page for your organisation or church. Unlike the basic listing you have in one of the main directories on the OSCAR website, here you can include as much text as you like to inform visitors about your work. There is also a direct link to your Profile Page from your basic listing (which also gets highlighted).

With OSCAR's high search engine ranking, having a Profile Page is a significant way through which you can raise your own organisation's online profile and website ranking. This is a page purely for your organisation but optimised by us for the search engines. Many of the Profile Pages have achieved top 10 placings over the years with search engines*.

This Profile Page will include:

  • Organisation/church name
  • Organisation/church details (determined by you, as much or as little as you want)
  • Logo and/or text links to your website
  • A list of your job opportunities hosted with OSCAR
  • * We cannot guarantee any particular placing with search returns as these are determined by the search engines and change frequently

    See the Advertising Packages for more details of how to get a Profile Page.
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