Introduction to OSCAR


Introduction to OSCAR

If you're involved or interested in missionary or Christian work overseas, OSCAR is your gateway to useful UK related information, advice and resources. 

Who uses OSCAR?

OSCAR is mostly aimed at UK Christians, whether they are based overseas or in the UK. More specifically, OSCAR is useful for:

  • Missionaries and Christian workers on the field.
  • Prospective missionaries and Christian workers.
  • Missionaries and Christian workers recently returned from the field.
  • Christians open to the possibility of working cross-culturally.
  • Supporters of missionaries, Christian workers and world mission in general.
  • Non-UK Christians coming to the UK as missionaries or Christian workers.
  • Anyone responsible for 'resourcing' any of the above.

If your work or interest falls into one or more of these categories, OSCAR is designed to take the 'leg work' out of finding missions related information. It helps you locate the organisations, services and resources you need and puts you in complete control of managing your own situation, whether you're a cross-cultural worker, supporter or enquirer. This unique missions 'portal' could save you much time, energy and money!

Launched officially on 1st March 2000 (view the press release), OSCAR began as part of the Resource project that was founded in September 1999 by Mike Frith, a former missionary pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship. OSCAR became a registered charity in England and Wales in 2001. Some of the early history of OSCAR has been documented in a Christian Herald article published in September 2002. Other press releases give a brief history of some of OSCAR's developments along the way.

OSCAR is a member/partner organisation of the following networks and affiliations:


OSCAR's independence from any one mission organisation, body or denominational gives it a unique place in the UK world mission scene. This means that it does not seek to promote any one organisation or service over another but gives an unbiased representation of those that operate in any particular field of work.

Furthermore, as there are no charges for being listed, the result is a comprehensive, inclusive overview of all the services available in any one subject. Being listed on OSCAR does not mean we endorse the organisation or service. Also, some of those listed are not specifically aimed at missionaries or Christians, but are listed because they have something that people involved in world mission might be interested in. Where possible, we will provide brief details about the background and aims of each organisation or service listed.

OSCAR is largely dependent on its users for information. If you would like to submit an entry for the site listings, whether it's your own organisation or one you have found useful, you may do this using the form Suggest a Listing. If you would like to add a link on your site to OSCAR, we have created a Link to OSCAR page for you to capture the code and paste onto your own web page. Furthermore, if you contact any of the organisations or services listed after finding them on OSCAR, please mention that you found them through us. If you wish to reproduce or pass on any of OSCAR's information, please see our copyright statement.

Please help us with our publicity. We can send you multiple copies of our professionally designed A6 card or A5 flyer (Contact us to request these).

A video presentation is also available to view at This can be used with a computer/projector before or after a church service or during any missions event or conference you might have.

Access to the OSCAR website is FREE. We also send out a monthly 'OSCAR Update' by email (usually dispatched in the first week of the month) which highlights the latest news of OSCAR developments and features a few selected items from different areas of the site. If you would like to receive this, please fill in the Contact OSCAR form or just use this email link:

OSCAR Stand at Big Church Day Out 2016

OSCAR has generated a lot of interest throughout the global mission community (see the Comments page). Each month OSCAR achieves around 25,000 visitor sessions. OSCAR aims to provide the best service possible for UK missionaries and missions. Therefore, any feedback you have about the site, it's usability, content, priorities for future development or any 'dead links' you might encounter would be much appreciated.

A Note for Missionaries and Overseas Christian Workers

The OSCAR web-site has been designed mainly with missionaries and overseas Christian workers in mind. We've tried to limit our use of frames or flash or java or anything that might prevent access by older, slower computers. All that's needed is some 'browser' software which is widely available in many versions, usually free of charge. There are no huge graphics or other items that take lots of memory. Therefore, the site should be quick to load even if your Internet connection is slow (the case for many people overseas).

Most listings have e-mail contact details so it's easy to find and get in touch with the organisation or service you need. If you only have periodic use of a live Internet connection (i.e. when you visit your regional office or city) you can download the current site from the Web and store it for off-line browsing later (either see your browser software for how to do this or there are other software products on the market that make it easy).

If you're a missionary who doesn't have even periodic e-mail or computer access (if only through a colleague or friend), then you can always telephone or write to us and we will do our best to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need.

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