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Basic Listing (FREE)

If you would like your church to be listed in our mission-minded UK church directory, or if your church is listed and you would like to change any details, please use the form below. Alternatively, you can send any changes by email to . Each listing includes: church name & location, descriptive text, web address, email address and telephone number. The descriptive text for basic listings is limited to 255 characters. There is no charge for being listed in our directory.

Enhanced/Featured Listing & Profile Page (£50 per year)

Any listings you have in our directories will be enhanced, which means highlighted with a larger title. At the end of your summary text we also provide a 'more' link through to your Profile page (see below).

Profile Page

This is a page hosted within the OSCAR website which provides you with a dedicated page for your organisation or church. Unlike the basic listing you have in one of the main directories on the OSCAR website, here you can include as much text as you like to inform visitors about your work. There is also a direct link to your Profile Page from your basic listing (which also gets highlighted).

With OSCARís high search engine ranking, having a Profile Page is a significant way through which you can raise your own organisationís online profile and website ranking. This is a page purely for your organisation but optimised by us for the search engines. Many of the Profile Pages have achieved top 10 placings over the years with search engines*.

This Profile Page will include:

  • Organisation/church name
  • Organisation/church details (determined by you, as much or as little as you want)
  • Logo and/or text links to your website
  • A list of your job opportunities hosted with OSCAR
  • * We cannot guarantee any particular placing with search returns as these are determined by the search engines and change frequently

    Job searchingChristian Jobs, Opportunities and Vacancies

    Recent research confirmed that OSCAR is the UK's most visited Christian jobs website with over 20,000 users per month viewing around 100,000 pages. Users spend, on average, 5 minutes per visit.

    In addition to those who browse our website, every Friday around 700 enquirers are emailed all the newly submitted online opportunities for that week. Most of these have asked to receive it as they are actively looking for opportunities in Christian work, short-term or long-term. Many of these have signed up at one of the major Christian events where we host job boards (see exhibitions). Notification of our new jobs also gets emailed monthly to around 2000 people on our general email list.

    We have partnerships with several other recruitment and mission websites to help promote these opportunities. These include a number of online job aggregate sites from time to time. We Tweet notifications of opportunities to our 1500 OSCAR Twitter followers and post notifications to over 800 followers on Facebook. We also regularly sponsor selected adverts on social media (i.e. Facebook ads) and Indeed (the world's biggest job aggregator, for UK based salaried positions) for maximum exposure.

    We had over 2500 opportunities submitted to our site during 2017 from around 100 Christian organisations and churches. Many of our opportunities received over 1000 page views each during the year! Don't just take our word for it ... see what our clients say after advertising with us.

    Our website is fully mobile and tablet friendly. Recent developments to our system means that these opportunities are now searchable by Finance, Duration, Activity, Organisation & Location as well as using any keywords. Each listing gets its own page making them very Google friendly. The organisation's logo is included in both the search returns and your opportunity listing as standard, as are unlimited words in the description.

    All this we do as standard, so you don't need to pay 'premium' prices for a premium quality service. Our low costs do not directly reflect the high value of what you're getting when you advertise with us compared to other job websites. We provide this as an affordable service to all who want to further the Kingdom and we desire to make it as accessible as possible to all Christian organisations and churches, large and small.

    The cost on our Pay-As-You-Go system for each opportunity listing is detailed in the table below. These charges (see below) are for a 3 month (90 day) listing. Just contact us with your requirements for occasional listings or check out our packages for deals about advertising throughout the year.

    From 1st Jan 2018

    Nature of Listing * Cost
    Salaried £60
    Personal Support £40
    Voluntary £20

    * Salaried: where there is a net payment from the organisation to the individual (without the need for the individual to raise this), even if it is insufficient to cover all the costs involved.
    * Personal Support: where the candidate is required to raise some or all of their one-off, outgoing or ongoing costs.
    * Voluntary: where the role can be undertaken without any payment or need to raise financial support for one-off, outgoing or ongoing costs (personal or ministry). Usually only applies to UK based roles, as overseas roles normally require the individual to raise at least their own travel costs.

    Note: Opportunities that fit into more than one of these categories will be charged at the higher rate i.e. part salaried/part support roles.

    Regular Church Mission Resource News

    We also send out regular emails which contain news of resources, events and training for mission-minded churches.

    If you would like to add or update your church in our mission-minded UK church directory, please fill in the form below:

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    When you click on 'SUBMIT', if you have subscribed to our enhanced/featured listing we will send you an invoice. We will action everything else and get back to you if we need to. Thanks..


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